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Friday, April 16, 2010

Recreation Commission Shorts, April 8

The Recreation Commission gathered for a brief meeting last week, primarily to discuss and vote on the two bids they received for organic field services. The group also discussed an outstanding electric bill, a metal plate in the center of Banta-Davis and a possible new practice field.

Organic fertilizing. Recreation Director Holly Hamilton requested bids from three organic fertilizing companies. Two bids came back, one from The Coppinger Company who has held the contract for approximately four years and one from Forgione Lawn Care who is bidding for the first time. Coppinger’s bid was for $11,250 and Forgione’s was for $64,900. The commissioners reviewed both bids, discussed whether both included comparable services and voted to accept the bid submitted by The Coppinger Company.

Problematic electric bill. Board Chair Mark Spears requested an update on the problem with the electric bill which was unusually high for the month of December. Commissioner Rick Amodei has been working with NSTAR to resolve the problem although no resolution is in sight. In December NSTAR replaced the meter that resides in the well pumping station at Banta-Davis. Amodei reported the new meter is reading one to two kilowatt hours per month which is what he would expect. He suspects the old meter was faulty but cannot prove it. He plans to ask NSTAR for the old meter back to personally inspect it but does not expect he will be able to get it. In the meantime, Recreation has an outstanding bill from the electric company for $1,550.

Metal plate in center field. Amodei raised his concern about a metal pipe cover in the center of the Banta-Davis baseball field. He feels the metal plate poses a significant risk for children playing in the field. No one on the commission knows who put the cover there, what its purpose is or how long it has been there. The group decided, as a short-term solution, to place a piece of turf over the plate. Longer term, Amodei will research why it is there and what they can do to get it removed.

New field? Dan Moseley, who is responsible for maintaining the fields in town, mentioned to Spears that there is enough loam piled up at Banta-Davis to create a small practice field. The field would be located where there is currently a big pile of dirt. In order to make the field, they would need a bulldozer and volunteers, but the loam could be spread out and turned into a functional practice field with very little cost. Spears will follow up with Moseley. ∆

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