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Friday, April 9, 2010

ConsCom shorts, April 1

Bog House repair. The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) voted unanimously in support of using Community Preservation Funds to repair the 1905 house at the Cranberry Bog on Curve Street. At the ConsCom meeting on April 1, Warren Lyman of the Land Stewardship Committee reported that the Community Preservation Committee has recommended that the Town Meeting vote the full $165,000 that the Land Steward Committee’s estimates will be needed. Major structural work is required to repair past water damage and prevent such future damage. Other work would bring the building up to code for tenant safety. Lyman noted the funding is in the category of “historic preservation” and the state requires that federal guidelines on preservation of historic buildings be followed.

Hanover Hill. The public hearing on a permit request for construction of portions of a house, driveway, well, utilities and associated grading in the subdivision off Westford Street was continued until April 15 at 8:15 p.m. Applicant Wilkins Hill Realty requested the postponement for Lot 14, 40 Gormley Way.

On a separate matter, John Durkin of Onyx Trans of Acton explained damage near the open bottom box culvert for the stream crossing on Hanover Road, just beyond Gormley Way. Sand from the backfill of the bridge abutments has eroded and washed about 180 feet down stream. This had started prior to the first of the recent storms and was made worse by the heavy rains and flooding. Durkin will provide a plan to repair the damage. The work can be done under the existing project permit.

Virginia Farme to Hanover Hill trail. The ConsCom determined that no permit would be required for construction of two boardwalks on a new trail to extend from the end of Virginia Farme Road (Parcel 40, Lot 21) to Hanover Road. One boardwalk, across wetlands, will be about 110 feet long; the other will bridge a stream. Henry Cox presented the project on behalf of the Carlisle Trails Committee. The board issued a Negative Determination of Applicability, indicating that the project is in an area subject to protection but will not remove, fill, dredge or alter the wetlands.

Emergency Certification for 119 Bingham Road. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard reported that an Emergency Certification had been issued to Martha Bangs subsequent to the first of the recent storms to repair a washed-out driveway. She emphasized that the permit only covers “work necessary to alleviate the emergency.”

Benfield Farms affordable housing project. Because the peer review of the revised plans is still in process, the continuation of the public hearing was deferred to April 15 at 8:30 pm. The project, located off South Street, includes 26 residential rental units, associated site work, stormwater management, and a water supply and sewage disposal system. The ConsCom determined that the review by Nitsch Engineering should include checking the accuracy of the 2003 wetland boundary. Willard said that the water supply well, proposed to be located on the Benfield conservation parcel at the rear of the property, was not included in the original filing by the applicant, Neighborhood of Affordable Housing. Also, the Department of Environmental Protection imposes substantial fees for new public water supplies.

142 Bedford Road. The continuation of the public hearing regarding a permit for construction of a house, septic system and associated site work was postponed to April 29 at 8 p.m. This was at the request of the applicant, William O’Brien of Pinnacle Partners.

Bird houses. Tom Brownrigg thanked Assistant Garden Manager Ed Humm for building four new bluebird nesting boxes that are now in place at Foss Farm. Brownrigg described them as “beautifully made.”

Executive Session. At the end of the evening the ConsCom went into Executive Session to discuss possible litigation. ∆

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