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Friday, April 9, 2010

Selectmen set Warrant for Annual Town Meeting in May

An hour prior to the Special Town Meeting on April 5, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) met briefly to finalize the business for the Annual Town Meeting scheduled for May 10. The group unanimously approved the 30-Article Warrant with only one small modification to Article 12, Capital Equipment, pertaining to a new communications cable.

Selectman Bill Tice, member of the Cable Advisory Committee, explained that the $45,000 appropriation proposed for the fiber communications cable project linking the Police and Fire Departments may possibly also cover inclusion of the Carlisle Public School, Gleason Public Library and Town Hall. Selectman Tim Hult emphasized that the police and fire requirements should be handled first, but supported extension to additional public resources as the budget allows. To accommodate the possibility, Tice recommended amending wording “Police/Fire” to “Police/Fire/Municipal” in the Warrant. The group unanimously approved the change.

Cable, Highland contracts signed

Selectmen also approved and signed an agreement with William H. Solomon for legal/consulting services in the cable license renewal process with Comcast. The group had previously discussed and considered the contract, not to exceed $11,100, at their meeting on February 9.

Selectmen also signed an agreement with Menders, Torrey, and Spencer, Inc. for the architectural design and construction administration of the Highland Building. Selectman Peter Scavongelli noted that the project concerns stabilization of the building and does not cover future use of the site. The entire budget is $400,000, but the cost of this component will not exceed $50,000. This project will enable the building to meet current building code standards, specifically in the areas of universal access and safety. The proposed schedule anticipates preparation of construction documents and bidding for the job in June, with ten weeks of construction to take place over the summer. ∆

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