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Friday, April 9, 2010

Historical Commission shorts, Mar. 30

Emergency roof. Gale Constable of 75 Lowell Street approached the Historical Commission on March 30 to seek emergency approval for a new barn roof that is currently covered in a blue tarp. Constable discovered that rain from recent storms had invaded her barn and as a result, had caused the collapse of the ceiling in the barn’s studio.

Constable discussed the color range of the new architectural shingles. The colors being considered are similar to the charcoal color range of the shingles that are currently on the roof. Commissioner Geoffrey Freeman observed that since the new colors being considered are similar to the present shingle color, the replacement is considered an in-kind repair, and an application does not need to be submitted for commission approval. The commission wished Constable good luck with her new roof.

CPA supported. Sylvia Sillers asked the Commission to officially support the continuation of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) at Annual Town Meeting in May. Peggy Hilton agreed with Sillers and urged the commission to write a letter to the Mosquito as well. Sillers proposed a motion that the commission go on record to support the CPA, and that a letter be written to the Mosquito and a short statement be read at Town Meeting. The motion passed five to zero.

Ferns. Commission Chair Marc Lamere related that he had spoken to proprietor Larry Bearfield of Ferns Country Store to find out how near the building project is to completion. Bearfield thought the project should be done within a month, after which the dumpster would return to its former location with shielding around it. Most of the other conditions have been met, such as the fencing on the front porch. The commission would like to see the electrical conduit painted, and will ask Bearfield about it.

Pathways. The commission discussed the status of the Town Center pathways project. The contractor’s contract is complete and it is now a question of when the town feels it is acceptable to take down the siltation barriers. It was noted that the Conservation Commission wants the siltation barriers repaired and maintained until the grass has grown along the sides of the pathway, in order to prevent the erosion of soil.

Veterans Memorial power panel. Freeman spoke to Veterans Honor Roll Committee Chair Doug Stevenson and Greg Fairbanks, architect of the Veterans Memorial on the Town Common. The commission would like the power panel moved to a more inconspicuous location. The Veterans Honor Roll Committee had not yet met to discuss the placement of the power panel; however, it was expected that they would inform Freeman within a week of their resolution.

Carlisle Center Business District Zoning Bylaw review. At the February 23 meeting, real estate agent Francene Faulkner and potential buyer Ryan Chou of Acton had approached the commission to ask what was required to gain approval for a dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up business at 8 Bedford Road. At the March 30 meeting, the commission resolved that the house at Bedford Road is not in the business district. According to town bylaws, only certain buildings are considered to be within the business district. The potential buyers were informed of this research.

Signs. Chairman Lamere spoke with several historic district businesses and a resident about the regulations regarding temporary signs. He pointed out the section of the bylaws that states that temporary signs are not allowed up for more than 30 days, and gave them an application with the rules and regulations. All to whom he spoke indicated that they will send in applications for temporary signage.

Historic Survey completion. The Historic Resource Survey of over 200 properties has been finalized by consultants Gretchen Shuler and Anne Forbes, and is in the process of being brought over to the commission. All the data will be at Town Hall by the beginning of next week. The commission discussed storage procedures and how Forbes and Schuler should be thanked for their work. ∆

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