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Friday, April 9, 2010

Building project thanks

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank the residents of Carlisle for their support of the School Building Committee’s request for funding of the school building project at Special Town Meeting. This was a critical first step. However, in order to move forward with the school project, residents must also vote to approve the debt exclusion for the project. Please remember to vote on Tuesday, April 13, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Thank you to the town for its continued support throughout this process.

Lee Storrs
Brook Street Chair,
Carlisle School Building Committee

Carlisle has three public schools

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Public School (CPS) Building Project was overwhelmingly supported at the April 5 Special Town Meeting by citizens who, like me, feel it is a deserving and necessary project. In the information presented to the gathered Town Meeting participants, care was taken to put the CPS Building Project into context with the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Building Project. Unfortunately, no mention was made of the Minuteman (MM) Building Project until an audience member asked about it.

I am currently Carlisle’s Minuteman School Committee member and I am a parent with wonderful experiences across all three of Carlisle’s public schools – CPS, CCHS and MM. My concern is that Carlisle needs to embrace MM just as we do CPS and CCHS, and stop treating it as “the red-headed stepchild.” While it is true that MM has a much smaller impact on our wallets than CPS or CCHS, on account of so few Carlisle students attending there, it is nonetheless just as important a school to our community. Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for college and for a path to a more job-ready future. Mass. Secretary of Education Paul Reville is an avid supporter of CTE and declared Minuteman “a very impressive school with a sense of vibrancy” during a recent visit. (full article at mass secretary of education paul reville visits minuteman career a technical high school in lexington.html)

I hope that Carlisle can likewise begin to view CTE with more support and include Minuteman in all educational dialogue within our town. Minuteman is truly the wave of the educational future and it is about time our citizenry starts getting better exposure to this wonderful gem which we “own” together with 15 other area towns, and which we are fortunate to have conveniently located just a mile further down the road than CCHS.

For further information about the Minuteman Feasibility Study which will be voted on at May 10 Town Meeting please visit and view the five-minute video ”Minuteman – a School for the Future.”

Mariellen Perugini

Overlook Drive

Meet John Gorecki

To the Editor:

We invite any member of the Carlisle community who is interested in meeting John Gorecki to come to our home at 93 Lowell Street on Wednesday, April 28 at 7:30. As many of you know, John is running for Selectman in the town election coming up on May 18th. John will be at our home to answer questions and to informally speak about his views on many issues of interest to all of us. We hope to see you on the 28th!

Don and Dale Ryder

Lowell Street

Support for Bearfield

To the Editor:

I support Larry Bearfield for Selectman. Larry has the combination of passion, patience, perseverance and experience to manage the affairs of the town at a challenging time.

Larry’s volunteer town service includes: associate member of the Historical Commission, the Revenue Enhancement Committee, the Veterans’ Memorial Committee, the Fire Department Canteen, and the School Building Revenue Enhancement Subcommittee. Beyond that, we all know the fun and sense of occasion Larry has helped bring to Halloween, Christmas, Old Home Day, and even a Congressional candidate debate. Larry has worked well with a wide range of people and personalities on a broad range of projects.

Larry and his wife Robin Emerson have lived in Carlisle for over 14 years. As a businessman he has been before just about every regulatory board in town. It matters to have a Selectmen who knows what it is like to be on the citizen’s and taxpayer’s side of the table.

Tim Hult has done a wonderful job as Selectman. We all owe Tim a debt of gratitude for his work. Achieving progress in government involves heavy lifting. I believe Larry Bearfield would bring to the Board of Selectmen the thoughtfulness and follow-through needed in the years ahead. I urge townspeople to vote for him.

Greg Peterson

Indian Hill

Carlisle School building project should go greener

To the Editor:

Since it was first proposed, the Carlisle School Building project has gone through some controversy with the large expenditure and declining enrollment at the school. Recently, I have been doing a little research of my own to see what the plans are for the new building. According to the Carlisle School Building website, this is the best time to build a new building. This is because the state is funding some of the project, construction companies need work etc. I have another reason, how about that multiple government and commercial programs are able to fund solar panels for the roof of the new building. According to the recent sketches, the roof of the building is only populated by sparsely laid out skylights. If solar panels were to be placed on the roof, then less energy would be placed on powering the building. Putting solar panels would not levy additional burden to the taxpayers of Carlisle, and it is being funded by programs such as Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and the National Grid’s Clean Energy Choice program. Recently, a school in Belmont recycled its old school building to create a new one. In their new building they are adding a multitude of ways to go green. Such as a cooling system using wells, letting in more natural light, and having solar panels on the roof. These ways of going green are currently being funded by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Looking at the successes of other schools going green, why can’t we do the same for our school? Nowhere in the plan layouts, not even the Carlisle School Facilities Master Plan do I see any initiative to go green. Either the Carlisle School Building Committee needs to advertise more that they are constructing such a building, or they need to do research on the benefits of building an environmentally friendly facility.

For more information see Solar panels installed at middle school city focuses on energy

Justin Delgado

9th grade student

East Street

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