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Friday, April 2, 2010


The CCHS-Turkmenistan connection deepens

Few high schools may claim involvement in international diplomacy, yet since April 2008, Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) has fostered a relationship with Turkmenistan in conjunction with the U.S. State Department. The project has consisted of Turkmen exchange students attending CCHS, as well as faculty trips to the Central Asian country, including one by ...more

CCHS Varsity Fencing and Alpine Ski Teams post winning seasons: Boys Alpine Ski Team

The Alpine Ski team took first place in the Massachusetts Bay West Omega Division. Participating Carlisle Varsity skiers included Alex Daniels, Ian Bloomfield, Brendan Canavan, Derrick Amodei, Owen Guttadauro and Alex Nardone. ...more

Dining Out Sichuan Gourmet, Billerica: Some like it hot

My search for authentic Chinese food is never ending, starting from the first time my dad brought home white cartons of steaming fragrance from the noodle shop in Chicago. I have never forgotten the lo mein with tiny shrimp, with its delicate shimmer of hot oil, the hot salt smell of pork strips and the lacy-edged egg foo yong, capturing both dinner and breakfast ...more

Kay Woodward, looking back at half a century in Carlisle

Not long ago I received a phone call from Kay Woodward, of South Street, someone I met when I moved to Carlisle in 1966. Back then we were both members of the Middlesex County’s Extension Service Homemakers Group. These were women from Concord and Carlisle who met monthly in the small brick building on Everett Street, Concord, just down the road from the ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Bald Eagle

A Bald Eagle in Carlisle is not an extremely rare sight. They are seen on occasion. Claire Wilcox saw one over the Concord River on the downstream side of the Rte. 225 bridge on March 6 and another near Nine Acre Corner on the Sudbury side of Rte. 117 on March 28. Ken Harte has seen one from time to time in Billerica and they occasionally turn up in the Concord ...more

Epitaphs speak of Carlisle’s history

In the Central Burying Ground across from Ferns Country Store and in the Green Cemetery on Bedford Road are some gravesites that hail from the late 1700s to the turn of the twentieth century. Their headstones, many of which have epitaphs, have a lot to say if we listen. Early epitaphs came in many forms – a saying, a poem, or a phrase – and were sometimes ...more

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