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Friday, April 2, 2010



CARLISLE LUNCH GROUP RETURNS. After a four-year hiatus, the community
event is back, this time organized by Dave Reed of Page Brook Road and Jay
Luby of Woodbine Road. After a catered lunch, people listened to Reed describe
his work in NASA Mission Control during the Apollo moon missions. On left, Dave
Ives fi lms the talk for later broadcast on CCTV. (See also “Carlisle’s Dave Reed
refl ects on NASA career,” Mosquito, May 22, 2009.) (Photo by Rik Pierce)

MATH FUN. Mary-Lynne Bohn (center) plays the pattern-matching game, Set,
with children Josh and Abby during Math Games Night held at the Carlisle School
on March 18. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)

EARLY SIGN OF SPRING. Witch Hazel in bloom.
(Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

BEST FEET FORWARD. At the Council on Aging’s line dancing class, (left to right) Yvonne MacCormack, Jean LaBroad, Tom Dunkers and Phyllis Goff trip the light fantastic. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

BATTER UP! At the clinic run by the CCHS varsity softball team, Carlisleans Kori and Rachel Barach (far left) learn the fi ne points of batting from CCHS junior Monica Diercks. (Photo by Marcy Guttadauro)


DOMINATION. Abby (left) and Joe Versaggi play Domination at Math Games night at the Carlisle School. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)


STACK. Cathy (left) and Tori Moore play Stack at Math Games Night at the Carlisle School on March 18. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)


SNEAK PEAK. This prospective view shows how the Carlisle School campus would look if the proposed school renovation project is approved. The Spalding Building replacement (center, left) would link the Corey and Wilkins Buildings, while the plaza playground would be moved to the current location of the Spalding
Building. (See additional information about the project on pages 1, 2 and 4.)


BON APPETIT. After months of corresponding in French, students in AP French classes from Concord-Carlisle High School recently met with their Lexington High School counterparts for dinner at La Provence in Concord. Pictured are Carlisle students Kati Lerner (front left) sitting across from Kira Lou and Mairead Murphy. (Photo by Caitlin Smith)

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