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Friday, March 26, 2010

Conservation Commission meeting shorts, March 18

Emergency driveway repairs for 303, 321, and 333 Bedford Road. Last week’s storm left four Bedford Road families without access to their homes when their common driveway flooded. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard reported at the March 18 Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting that an Emergency Certification was issued to Dick Shohet so that he could add sufficient fill to allow residents passage to their homes. She noted that such certificates only cover “work necessary to alleviate the emergency.” The ConsCom will provide certificates related to the flooding upon request. They can be issued then ratified at the next ConsCom meeting.

• Foss Farm activities. The ConsCom announced an evening Woodcock Walk to be held on April 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Foss Farm. Bird experts D’Ann and Tom Brownrigg will lead the program to observe the woodcock mating ritual.

The board also issued Land Use Permits for a number of equestrian activities at the Foss Land. The Old North Bridge Pony Club will hold its Spring Lesson Series on Wednesdays and Saturdays from April 7 through the end of June, and a Spring Training Camp from April 17 to 20. The Pony Club and the Carlisle Area Equestrians will co-sponsor a competitive fundraising event on Sunday, April 25.

Greenough Vernal Pool Walk. Wildlife biologist Chris Kavalauskas will lead a Vernal Pool Walk on the Greenough Land on Sunday, April 11. This annual program is sponsored by the ConsCom and the Trails Committee.

400 Rutland Street. Richard Howe, trustee of the John Raymond Brown Revocable Trust, sought an extension and modifications to a 2007 permit to build Chestnut Estates, a 25-acre conservation cluster with six lots and eight acres to be set aside as common land. The project includes wetland crossings and replication areas and is adjacent to a vernal pool. Steven Eriksen of Norse Environmental Services and Martha Howe of the Howe Law Firm represented the applicant. They indicated there is a buyer for the property and no work has begun on the project.

Willard said she had started reviewing the recently received wildlife habitat evaluation which is required as a permit condition. The ConsCom voted to extend the permit and modified two conditions relative to the vernal pool. Only spaced hay bales (not silt fencing) will be required in that area and work can begin April 15 instead of May 1. Eriksen said there would be work only during the day since the frogs and salamanders migrate at night. “We don’t think that it would have any substantial impact.”

Eriksen said they have the documentation in hand and would submit it to the state’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program to certify the vernal pool if the ConsCom wished. This was decided against since the pool is not on land owned by the applicant.

The project must also meet the federal stream crossing standards that went into effect in January and obtain a Programmatic General Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This will include a passage for the vernal pool frogs and salamanders, and may require a further modification to the plans.

779 West Street. The ConsCom had received and reviewed the final pieces of information it needed in connection with an illegally dug pond and other violations that led to an Enforcement Order for Gregory Bruell’s Japanese Garden. A new map properly showed the wetland restoration area and proposed pond. Landscape architect John Russo of Zen Associates, who was in attendance, prepared the garden management plan. The ConsCom deemed both documents acceptable, clearing the way for work to proceed. Bruell’s representative, Jon Storer, said that activity would likely occur during the summer.

307 Cross Street. The ConsCom issued a Negative Determination of Applicability for installation of a septic tank and sewer line, meaning the project is not subject to the state Wetlands Protection Act or the Carlisle Wetlands Bylaw. Ben Ewing of Stamski and McNary Engineering represented applicant James Ford.

142 Bedford Road. At the request of applicant William O’Brien of Pinnacle Partners, the hearing for construction of a new dwelling, soil absorption system and associated work at the site of an old concrete block house was continued to April 1 at 8 p.m.

Hanover Hill. A public hearing for Lot 14, 40 Gormley Way in the subdivision off Westford Street was continued to April 1 at 8:15 pm. Applicant Wilkins Hill Realty is requesting a permit for construction of those portions of a house, driveway, well, utilities and associated grading subject to state and local wetland laws. ∆

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