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Friday, March 26, 2010

Carlisle School to follow CCHS schedule

In a 3-2 split decision, the CSC voted to start school after Labor Day on September 7. A key reason given was the benefit of following the Concord-Carlisle High School’s schedule. CSC Chair Chad Koski noted that, as a new board with the addition of CSC member Mary Storrs, it was “our first split decision.”

The CSC votes were divided between those members who had children in both schools, and those who just had children in the Carlisle School. The split was reflected in the non-binding vote taken by the Carlisle teachers as well. At their March 3 meeting the committee had learned that out of 25 teachers voting, 17, mostly elementary grades according to Superintendent Marie Doyle, were in favor of starting before Labor Day, while eight preferred to start after Labor Day.

Koski said his “personal opinion was that” he did not see the point of starting school for two days, and then giving the students two days off. Doyle said the schedule was “more of an elementary issue” and not a middle school issue. She explained the elementary school teachers like to have the students come in for a few days to adjust to school. CSC member Louis Salemy said, “Every family is stressed. Summer is to be treasured.” Fink said he did not want to disregard the teachers’ views. After Ryder made a motion to start the Carlisle School on September 7, Koski, Salemy and Ryder voted yes, with Storrs and CSC member Bill Fink voting no. The motion passed. ∆

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