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Friday, March 26, 2010

Board of Selectmen shorts, Mar. 23

After the Flood. Board of Selectmen Chair Tim Hult began the March 23 meeting with words of appreciation for the effective response of emergency workers in town (Police, Fire and DPW) during the March 12-15 rains. Fire Chief Dave Flannery said that a rain gauge at the school recorded 8.5 inches during that period and approximately 60 houses required pumping of basements or loan of equipment. “Many never had water before and had no equipment to handle it or equipment was overloaded. We were fortunate in town that we didn’t lose power.” He said that as a declared emergency and if the monetary damage reaches a threshold – $8.1 million for the state and $4.7 million for Middlesex County – low interest loans might be available. To that end Flannery asked residents to report damage to him, the Town Administrator or the Building Inspector. He said that description of damage to structure, well, septic system or heating system should be reported, with pictures if possible. Flannery estimated the cost to the town was $38,350, including wages.

Building Inspector John Luther said that permits should be requested for repairs: “This will ensure that the work is done properly.” When asked about permit fees related to this storm event, he said that some discretion may be applied.

Annual Town Meeting Warrant closed. The Board of Selectmen voted to close the Warrant for May’s Annual Town Meeting (not to be confused with the Special Town Meeting on April 5). Two Articles received the most discussion and one was dropped from the roster. Thus, the Warrant will have 30 Articles

Article 28. Adoption of Stretch Code was retained although two of the four Selectmen attending the meeting expressed reservations. The optional Stretch Building Code improves energy efficiency in buildings. Jim Bohn (Concord Street) spoke in opposition to the stretch code. He said, “One of the items driving cost is additional inspections. Developer David Guthrie (at a prior Selectmen’s meeting) said that reputable builders are already building to the stretch code.”

Hult said that it would not be responsible of the Selectmen to drop the Article at this late date. He said that the Article was recommended by the Energy Task Force although perhaps beyond the original scope of work given to the Task Force. Selectman John Williams thought it was within scope and “would have been included as a citizen’s petition.” The board voted unanimously to retain Article 28.

Draft Article 29 – Cranberry Bog House Repairs. The Bog House Repairs are proposed in Article 21 to be funded by Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds. However, if direction of CPA funds to this end fails, Article 29 was intended to permit use of other funds for the repair. The draft Article did not specify the source of such alternative funds. After discussion the Selectmen decided that, given the economic climate, CPA was the only practical option. Article 29 was dropped from the Warrant.

Summer concerts on the Common. Without taking a vote, the Selectmen indicated that they would look favorably on the request of Rev. Steven Weibley of the Congregational Church to conduct three Sunday concerts this summer on the Town Common. Dates have not been specified. Hult said that Weibley should also contact the First Religious Society since the Town and the FRS have joint ownership of the Common.

Charity bike race on June 13 – 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The Selectmen approved the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Center request to route a portion of its fundraising Kids’ Bicycle Race through Carlisle, pending consultation with Police Chief John Sullivan regarding traffic and roadway safety issues.

Appointments. The Selectmen unanimously appointed Diane Makovsky (Litchfield Drive) to a three-year term on the Personnel Board. She has a professional background in human resources and corporate communications.

The Selectmen unanimously reappointed Deborah Toher (Curve Street) and Lawrence Sorli (Westford Street) as Animal Inspectors.

2010 U.S. Federal census. The Selectmen approved a request received from the Census Bureau to use the Heald Room at the Town Offices for training purposes from April 26 to April 30. ∆

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