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Friday, March 19, 2010

High School renovation may cost $108 million

Architect Michael Rosenfeld estimates that the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) renovation design currently being considered would cost roughly $108 million to build, while he estimated a new structure would cost $111 million. If ultimately approved, Carlisle’s share would be roughly 30% of the net cost after any state reimbursement. He and members ...more

Kablotsky and Gorecki add names to ballot

According to Town Clerk Charlene Hinton, two residents have filed completed nomination papers to place their names on the ballot for the Annual Town Election on Tuesday, May 18. Josh Kablotsky of 99 Nickles Lane is running for a three-year term on the Carlisle School Committee and John Gorecki of 180 Hemlock Hill Road seeks a three-year term on the Board of ...more

FinCom favors Carlisle School building project

After three days of steady rain, one might expect the Finance Committee (FinCom) to be discussing the cost of building an ark or whether to consider the sudden appearance of lakefront property in Carlisle as “New Growth.” Instead, with the hope of brighter days ahead, members invited Lee Storrs, chair of the School Building Committee (SBC), to their March ...more

Forum spotlights Carlisle School building project

At a Special Town Meeting on April 5 Carlisle voters will be asked to approve detailed design and construction costs for a $20 million Carlisle School building project to replace the Spalding Building and renovate other buildings on the school campus. The debt must also be approved at a Special Election scheduled for April 13. On Thursday, March 11, the League ...more

Emergency crews come through in weekend deluge

Carlisle saw widespread flooding problems this week, during three days of soaking rain, said Superintendent of Public Works Gary Davis. He and his crew were kept on the move, clearing roads and culverts, their trucks filled with rocks to shore up washed-out shoulders on the roads. Davis said that this storm was much worse than the storm that hit the area in ...more

Proposed CCHS renovation explained

Voters heard information about the proposed renovation of the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) during a double-header forum hosted by the League of Women Voters (LWV) on March 11 at Town Hall. The discussion followed a presentation on the Carlisle School building project (see page 4.) The panel discussion included CCHS Facilities Master Plan Committee ...more

Footprint shrinks for Benfield 40B

After refinement of the space calculations for the proposed Benfield Farms affordable housing, the structure’s overall size has been decreased 11% and all impervious surfaces on the site have been decreased by 32%. Representatives for the developer, NOAH, presented the final plans to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on March 10. ...more

Housing Authority shorts, March 11

Benfield Farms. Chair Alan Lehotsky reported to the Housing Authority (CHA) on March 11 about substantive changes to the Benfield Farms affordable housing plan that had been presented the previous evening during the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hearing. Architects Meridian Associates have reduced the planned building ...more

Board of Selectmen shorts, March 9

Foss Farm complaint. Chris Adamchek appeared before the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on March 9 to revisit a noise complaint he had issued about sled dogs training at nearby Foss Farm in November 2008. Since that time, the Conservation Commission (Conscom) has considered and investigated the issue in conjunction with ...more

Recreation Commission shorts, March 8

Electric bill questioned. The Recreation Commission (RecCom) has been struggling for three months with an unusually high electric bill for the pump which fills the irrigation pond at the Banta-Davis Land. On March 8 the commission discussed what steps to take to try to clear up the issue with NSTAR. The meter for ...more

Gardeners gear up for spring, share tips

With the temporary arrival of mild temperatures, a lively discussion on gardening techniques was held at the Conservation Coffee on March 9. It was fitting that the refreshments (banana bread, Irish soda bread, bagels, grapes, cheese and, of course, coffee) were farm hardy and generous. A panel that included new Foss Farm Assistant Managers Ed Humm and Carol ...more

News from surrounding towns

The following news items were extracted from material available online. ...more

$95,000 left over after Carlisle School schematic designs completed

After its presentation to the League of Women Voters on March 11, the Carlisle School Building Committee squeezed into one of small meeting rooms at the Town Hall for a short meeting. ...more

Flood recommendations from the Carlisle BOH

The Board of Health reminds residents that if you have any concerns that your septic system or well was impacted from flooding, contact the BOH for assistance at 1-978-369-0283. ...more

Board of Selectmen

agenda for March 23

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Town Administrator Report ...more

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