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Friday, March 19, 2010

News from surrounding towns

The following news items were extracted from material available online.

Google revolution close to home. Concord is preparing to submit an application to be selected by Google as part of their experiment to deploy a high-speed broadband network. The hope is that once Google is done with their experiment they would allow Concord to buy or just keep the infrastructure, which would offer broadband speeds up to 100 times faster than what the residents are used to today.

Concord understands that it would be a challenge to win this competition with other communities around the country like Topeka, Kansas, whose mayor has already renamed the state’s capital city “Google, Kansas” for the month of March, in an effort to get Google’s attention. (“Concord hopes to be part of Google’s high-speed Internet experiment,”, March 10.)

Local career assistance for women. A career club running over a course of ten weeks at a fee of $25 is expected to start on March 22. The prerequisite for acceptance is that one should be unemployed or underemployed “for three months to no more than two years.” For detailed information contact Joan at or by phone at 1-978-663-5201 (“Women in Control business meeting,” March 10.)

Lexington seeking to qualify as green community. Lexington hopes to emulate the town of Newton, which recently became the first town to adopt the Stretch Code. This code is an optional part of the state’s building code, which requires a more stringent level of energy efficiency in both new construction and major renovations, as compared with the basic building code. These higher standards are estimated to raise costs between $2 or $3 per square foot. Build a Better Future, a local committee, is actively engaged through a phone campaign to educate Town Meeting members to gain their support prior to the voting at their next Town Meeting. (“Decoding the Stretch Energy Code,”, March 11.) ∆

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