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Friday, March 19, 2010

Board of Selectmen shorts, March 9

Foss Farm complaint. Chris Adamchek appeared before the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on March 9 to revisit a noise complaint he had issued about sled dogs training at nearby Foss Farm in November 2008. Since that time, the Conservation Commission (Conscom) has considered and investigated the issue in conjunction with the Carlisle Land Stewardship Committee, the police, the Dog Officer and the Selectmen. In a recent letter to the Selectmen, dated February 25, ConsCom concluded that dog sledding is an appropriate use of Foss Farm and is permitted from 9 a.m. through 7 p.m.

Adamchek, a disabled veteran, finds the noise from the dogs intolerable and produced a letter from his doctor in January 2010 to town officials saying the nuisance was exacerbating his long-standing health issues. He cited violation of the town Public Nuisance Bylaw “for continuous outdoor barking for more than fifteen minutes in a residential neighborhood.” Although Foss Farm is conservation land, Adamchek objects to the dogs barking near his residence. After his initial complaint, the sled dogs were unloaded and trained further from his property. However, he said they have recently reappeared closer to his home, which he viewed as “retaliatory.”

His wife Cindy Adamchek also stepped forward to express her concern for her husband’s health, and implored the Selectmen to enforce the bylaw. On advice of Town Counsel, the Selectmen listened to the complaint but did not respond.

Refinancing long-term debt. The Selectmen unanimously approved and signed documentation with Eastern Bank to refinance and consolidate the town’s long-term debt obligations (dating from 1997, 1999 and 2001). Town Treasurer Larry Barton proposed the refinancing in order to take advantage of reduced interest rates – currently just over 2%, down from 4-5% rates on the three bonds. The effort is expected to save a total of about $300,000 over the next several years.

Grant possible for Highland Building. Town Administrator Tim Goddard will apply for a $100,000 grant from the Massachusetts Historic Commission for use in the Highland project. The grant consists of matching funds, and Goddard will reference the sums already approved by the town.

Charity bike race on May 16. The Selectmen approved the National Brain Tumor Society’s request to route a portion of its 16th annual bike race through Carlisle, pending consultation with Police Chief John Sullivan.

Benfield abutters request input. Alan Carpenito and Juergen Lemmermann, South Street residents, both took the microphone during the community input section of the agenda to request a meeting with the Benfield developers. The Housing Authority had denied a previous request from the abutters for a meeting. Hult will communicate the request to the Housing Authority.

E-Government Award. Goddard reported the state has recognized the town with a Common Cause award for its electronic website. The criteria include posting current meeting minutes, agendas, town meeting warrants, and results.

Appointments. The Selectmen unanimously appointed Christian W. Seminatore as a Carlisle special police officer, and Sandra Vecchio as a public safety dispatcher.

2010 U.S. Federal census. Town residents will receive census information soon, and town officials encourage people to complete and return the information promptly. The data determines distribution of federal services and funding. ∆

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