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Friday, March 12, 2010


Carlisle resident covers the Vancouver Olympic Games

The Vancouver Winter Olympics were the 15th Olympic Games I’ve covered for Sports Illustrated – nine winter and six summer – stretching back to 1980, when the Games were held in Lake Placid. I am sometimes asked to rank them, best to worst – a difficult task, because all were memorable for different reasons. At Lake Placid, for example, I covered the ...more

Tammy Erickson is a generational guru (among many other things)

Even if you don’t know Tammy Erickson, writer, executive coach, wife, mother, speaker, board member, consultant, frequent flier, you probably know her house, the gorgeous 1891 classic New England colonial with the big red barn and rolling horse pastures. abutting Great Brook Farm State Park. ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Gray Birch

The Gray Birch is one wild and crazy tree. It doesn’t care where it grows; it rushes in and colonizes clearings and burn sites where other trees fear to tread; it lives fast and dies young; its good looks inspire actual poets and the inner poet in the rest of us. Nathaniel Bellows wrote in his poem titled “Russian Birch” (but applicable to our Gray Birch) ...more

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