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Friday, March 12, 2010

Joyce Mehaffey confirmed as Superintendent/Principal

After a short and upbeat discussion on March 3 the Carlisle School Committee voted to hire Carlisle School Principal Joyce Mehaffey as the new Superintendent/Principal, effective June 30. The current Superintendent, Marie Doyle, announced her resignation in November, effective June 30. She has accepted the Superintendent position at the Longmeadow School District.

Over the past several weeks, the School Committee interviewed Mehaffey and hosted a forum to provide the public with an opportunity to ask her questions; however this was the first meeting at which the committee members weighed her qualifications. Chair Chad Koski said he was glad they “finally get to talk about it.” Koski said he had a letter from absent committee member Bill Fink, “expressing his support for Joyce.” Committee member Louis Salemy read a prepared statement. In it he noted that voting for Joyce “was by far the easiest decision I’ve had to make on this committee.” He said Mehaffey is “well respected by parents.” He said he called her former boss in the Greenfield School System, and heard nothing but praise for her.

Committee member Dale Ryder said she was “in full support” of hiring Mehaffey. “I have been impressed by her. I’ve had a lot of interactions with Joyce and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable. She is an incredibly nice person who cares a lot about our children. She will be a wonderful leader of this school and we are lucky to have her.” New committee member Mary Storrs added, “Ditto to both of these.”

Koski replied, “I, too, fully support her. I am very pleased with her performance while she has been here.” He said Mehaffey had often stopped by during a basketball game. “I’m very glad that she applied for the job. This is a short discussion,” added Koski, “with no real controversy.”

Reached later by phone Mehaffey said she was “thrilled and very excited” about the position. “I am looking forward to next year,” she added. “It is quite an honor that they selected me and that the parents support the decision.” She said she does not want to move her office to the Spalding Building, but instead will keep her current office in the Wilkins main office because “parents come in here and this is the heartbeat of the school.”

Mehaffey received her Ph.D. in counseling psychology, and has certification as a K-8 principal, a superintendent and in school psychology. She joined the Carlisle School as middle school principal in the fall of 2008. Before that she worked in the Greenfield District Schools, most recently as director of curriculum and instruction.

She and her husband own a home in Greenfield, to which she usually travels on the week-ends, she said. Mehaffey stays in Acton during the week. ∆

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