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Friday, March 12, 2010

Taking exception to Forum article

To the Editor:

Regarding the Forum piece by Philip Drew in the March 5, 2010 edition:

I find it hard to believe that Republicans are “standing on principle” when they resort to terms like “Obamacare” as a means to demean someone else’s viewpoint while at the same time demonizing the people who hold those views. I find it even more disingenuous when they blatantly misrepresent the Democratic position with rhetoric intended to make Democrats sound un-American. I, as a Democrat, neither believe that Americans are dull and can’t be trusted nor that healthcare itself is corrupt.

To make matters worse, referring to the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment that the President’s proposal will reduce premiums for the same coverage while at the same time reducing the national deficit as “tricks” is nothing but misleading political rhetoric. Granted, the bill is not perfect and it certainly has its share of pork (favors), although I’d hardly call it “for political friends.” No bill is perfect, and most people would agree that the pork should go, especially if it’s someone else’s pork.

But starting over is a thinly veiled attempt to delay healthcare reform with the hope of killing it altogether. If the goal is a better proposal, we can just as well continue to work on the current proposals. Either way, a better proposal requires reasoned civil debate between opposing viewpoints. To achieve that, Republicans would need to turn away from coining demeaning labels, misrepresenting their opponents’ proposals, and using misleading political rhetoric.

In the meantime, a little over a year ago, I and a majority of other Americans elected a President and a significant Democratic majority to Congress on a platform of change. Inaction and delay s not change. I expect my government to do what I sent them there to do. It’s time to complete necessary healthcare reforms so we can move on to the many other pressing issues facing our country. Let’s get it done.

Jonathan DeKock

Oak Knoll Road

Disappointed in Forum

To the Editor:

I was seriously disappointed to see and read Philip Drew’s Forum article in the March 5 edition. It is a blatant political polemic, without even the normal Forum footnote. It would have been more appropriate as a paid political ad – so labeled.

I thought the Forum pieces were supposed to be about life in Carlisle. Most are Carlisle focused, but this one fails that test miserably. Yes, we are all concerned about health care. But we don’t need a Forum piece to tout the Republican positions. We can (and do) get that in many, many places.

I hope the Forum will return to the fine, enjoyable, and informative forum that it was intended to be.

Tim Eliassen

Stearns Street

Come to Back to Basics spring gala

To the Editor:

The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest invites the Carlisle community to help celebrate more than 35 local human service agencies with its Back to Basics spring gala on April 10. The theme reflects current economic times where the need for human services is on the rise as local agencies are struggling with declining resources.

Back to Basics is a festive cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres, open bar and raffle. It will be held at 300 Baker Avenue from 6 to 9 p.m. Cocktail attire is suggested. Tickets are $150 per person and can be purchased at or by calling the Chest at 1-978-368-5250. In addition, raffle tickets can be reserved ahead of time for ten unique items and a special jewelry raffle with a limited number of tickets.

There will also be an exciting online auction for three weeks leading up to the gala where everyone can bid on dozens of fun and unique items. The auction begins on March 19 and runs through April 9. Fabulous items and unique experiences will be auctioned such as: Red Sox tickets, tennis lessons, caviar and champagne party, pool membership, rounds of golf, wine-tasting party, summer camp membership and tickets to the show Wicked. It is simple and fun to bid on these wonderful items that have been donated by local businesses and supporters. Go to beginning March 19 and place your bids.

Please help the Community Chest support increased local need this spring by attending Back to Basics and by joining in the excitement of our online auction.

Astrid Williams

Executive Director

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest

Options can be helpful

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Ms. Huang’s letter in last week’s Mosquito which refers to the “Where are the choices” regarding the Superintendent search.

Let me start by clarifying that I like Joyce Mehaffey as the school principal and I am not questioning her credentials. My question is why are we not looking at any other candidates? Marie Doyle was gracious enough to provide the school committee plenty of time to find a new Superintendent.

In Ms. Huang’s response to the editor, she refers to the pain of transition. I am very aware of this. My oldest child is in the eighth grade at CPS. In the nine years he has attended school there, we have had six different Principals - three in the Middle School alone. Despite the constant upheaval he has had a first class education! I went to his last portfolio conference and walked out thinking “what a well spoken, self-confident young man.” I credit his success in large part to the incredible dedication of our teachers.

Ms. Huang made the analogy of “shopping for a Superintendent as we do for groceries”. Let me say this . . . as with all major decisions that impact the important things that are a long-term commitment in our lives, we move forward with thoughtful analysis of the best information available to us within the time we have. Thoughtful analysis means we do not enter into important commitments of any kind without full analysis of the data available to us. What is it that we need? What are the options? What is available! What sacrifices need to be made to stay within the budget?

Sometimes we do go back to the first option and decide on that but by then we are completely confident in our choice. This is especially true for major decisions. It is my hope that the School Committee would give this huge commitment the same amount of thought.

Debbie Golis

Brook street

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