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Friday, March 5, 2010

Rains Bring flooding to rivers, schools

A walker recently inspected the high water level of the Concord River that has flooded a field at Foss Farm. (photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

The Concord River is causing concerns in Concord, Lowell and Billerica after more than 1.5 inches of rain (recorded by the weather station at the Carlisle School), fell during last week’s storm. According to the National Weather Service, the river is expected to remain at flood stage in Lowell through the weekend, where “flood stage” is defined as a measurement of eight feet over a given point. The flood stage for a river is set based on its shallower areas and the topography of the riverbank. A “major flood stage” for the Concord is declared when the water is at 12 feet.

The river has risen high enough to create ponds in otherwise dry fi elds in Concord. In Billerica residents are warned they may be cut off by the flooding on Elsie Avenue, which is off River Street. Twice in the last 20 years the river has risen to almost nine feet.Carlisle saw “minor flooding,” said Department of Public Works manager Gary Davis, as he was examining damage by the bridge on Brook Street.

Carlisle School had minor flooding

Carlisle School Facilities Supervisor David Flannery reported minor flooding occurred at the school. “Water came in under the foundation on the south wall of the Spalding Building,” he said. Water flooded one classroom, but “we had it cleaned up before students arrived,” he added. The roof also leaked in the fi rst grade area, he said. “There was a minor roof leak in the circle area corridor and in one classroom. Dehumidifiers were set up to dry the wall and ceiling areas. Two minor roof leaks were managed in the Robbins Building and there were two leaks in the Corey gym on the east wall.” On the plaza outside the Wilkins offi ce a huge puddle formed, he said, “causing the closure of the walkway there and students going to the Grant building had to be rerouted.”Δ

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