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Friday, March 5, 2010

New business coming to Town Center?

Real Estate agent Francene Faulkner and potential buyers of 8 Bedford Road approached the Historical Commission on February 23 to seek suggestions on how the exterior of the house could meet with center district historical guidelines and serve as a home and a business. The property, currently owned by Nicholas Langrind and Darragh Murphy, abuts Gleason Library, on the right as one faces the library from Bedford Road. The potential buyers would like to open a tailoring business out of the home and operate a drop off and pick up dry cleaning business as well. There will be no dry cleaning on site. According to Faulkner, the business proposal is in compliance with the Carlisle Center Business District zoning bylaw.

The potential buyers would like to create two parking spaces and a turn-around in front of the house. They want to know what features would make the plan acceptable, such as what paving material to use for the driveway, and whether bushes in front of the parking lot would be necessary. Signage in front of the building would advertise the business. “Would you be working out of the barn?” asked Chair Marc Lamere. “Yes, and we would like to add another window to the barn,” replied the buyer.

Lamere said, “We don’t have a feel for the property; we would like to see some sketches of what you want to do.” Faulkner asked, “What would you look for to soften the look?” Lamere answered, “What we are interested in is keeping the front of the house preserved. We need more information, recent pictures, drawings...You can come back and we can give advice, but you can’t get final approval until you come back for a Certificate of Appropriateness. You would have to come back for a formal hearing for permission to proceed.”

Town Center signage

Lamere wrote to Town Administrator Tim Goddard to discuss the seemingly permanent signage in the town center that the commission wants removed. The commission needs to know whether the letters that will ask owners to take down their signs should come from the Selectmen or from the Historical Commission.

Lamere will ask owners in the Center who have had a temporary sign up for more than 30 days to come before the board for approval for further display. ∆

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