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Friday, March 5, 2010

LWV to present school building project forum

To the Editor:

The League of Women Voters will be hosting a forum on the Carlisle School Building Project on Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall. At this forum the School Building Committee and Architect will provide an update on the proposed project, including plans for the new addition and renovations to the existing facilities. After the presentation, residents will be able to ask the committee questions and comment on the proposed project.

We look forward to seeing you there and getting your input.

Lee Storrs

Chair, Carlisle School Building Committee

Brook Street

Teacher responds to superintendent search comments

To the Editor:

Regarding last week’s letter from Debbie Golis, “Where are the choices?”, I would like to express my thoughts about the search for Superintendent of the Carlisle Public Schools.

In the past six years, the Carlisle Public Schools have experienced several changes of administration teams. Teachers, students and parents have had no choice but to live with the changes every year. If you are deeply involved with schools, you will understand how much it has hurt when changes have occurred. Not only do teachers, students and parents need to readjust to the new administrator; the new administrator needs to spend time and effort adjusting to the new school system and its culture as well.

Carlisle has been spending too much time in the past six years on adjusting. It is time for us to settle down and move on to the next level. I am sure that most of us would rather see the time and energy spent wisely by continuing educational development. We all know that “Rome was not built in one day,” and the same is true of Carlisle. We are fortunate that Superintendent candidate Joyce Mehaffey and the elementary school principal Patrice Hurley have made the great commitment to devote their hearts to the Carlisle Public Schools.

In her letter, Ms. Golis implies that the search for a new superintendent should be like shopping for a product by choosing from many options. To be honest, it is not hard to find a qualified superintendent. However, it is extremely difficult to find a person who is not only highly qualified but also willing to devote his or her heart to Carlisle. If you are in school long enough every day, you will understand why I feel Dr. Mehaffey and Ms. Hurley are the right choice for our administration: their hearts are devoted to the Carlisle teachers, students and parents. Many people are pleased that they are willing to continue taking care of our school system. We should give them our best support.

Chiao Bin Huang

A teacher, parent and resident of Carlisle

Lecture series was appreciated

To the Editor:

A big thank you to the Friends of the Council on Aging Rose Pullaro Fund and the Friends of the Gleason Library for sponsoring the lecture series “Landscapes of the Middle East” – a very informative, well presented series. I look forward to the upcoming lecture series on Western Philosophy. These library events deserve our support.

Marjorie Paulson

Carlisle Pines Drive

Cub Scouts say thanks to Town Clerk

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Cub Scouts would like to thank Charlene Hinton, Town Clerk, for staying late and giving our sons a great view of the workings of government in Carlisle, as part of their Citizenship Badge. In the words of one ten-year-old boy, “That was awesome!” after seeing some historical documents from the 18th century! We also appreciate all the people at Town Hall and Selectmen whom we spoke with, who gave the kids a rich understanding of how our democracy works and why they need to be part of it. The actions of our elected officials demonstrated to the next generation the power of liberty and responsibility of freedom and we are very lucky in Carlisle to have them.

Rich Sibley

Cross Street

Cubmaster Pack 135

Citrus Sale was a sweet success

To the Editor:

The members of the Carlisle Concert Band and Middle School Choir wish to thank you for supporting the Winter Citrus Sale. We are thrilled to announce that over 500 boxes and bags of fruit were sold this year. In addition, we are extremely appreciative of the many online orders and charitable donations. Thanks to your generosity, the funds raised will contribute to new repertoire, instrument purchase and repair, travel expenses, and new sound equipment.

The fruit was delivered the week of February 22. Please call Seema Peterson, 1-978-369-3288 with any questions.

We hope you enjoy the fruit. Thank- you so much for supporting the Carlisle music programs.

The members of the Carlisle Concert Band and Middle School Choir

Kevin Maier and Megan Fitzharris Harlow, Directors

Superintendent says thanks

Dear Carlisle Community,

It seems like only yesterday that I came to Carlisle as a first time superintendent who was warmly welcomed by School Committee, teachers, parents, and community members. Recently I have been offered, and have accepted, the position of Superintendent of Longmeadow Public Schools, another district renowned for excellence in education. While I will miss many friends in Carlisle, I am excited about this new opportunity and the challenges offered by this larger school district.

During my tenure in Carlisle, I have been thankful for the constant support of the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) and the Carlisle School Association (CSA) as both organizations work tirelessly to maintain our excellent school district. In addition, the CEF’s commitment to keeping Carlisle a forward thinking district is unparalleled by other communities. I have been fortunate to work with dedicated teachers and staff who keep the needs of children constant in their work; they are the foundation of our excellent school. I have also enjoyed working with many town officials and boards who value and understand the importance of education for the young people of Carlisle. My sincere thanks go to everyone who has supported our district, and I am most grateful for my time spent with so many wonderful people.

This is a bittersweet time as I reflect on what we have accomplished together in Carlisle yet look forward to new challenges. I thank Carlisle for allowing me to serve as your superintendent for the past six years. I am confident that the town will sustain the excellent education you offer to Carlisle’s children as CPS is a wonderful school. Best wishes and thanks to all of you!


Marie Doyle

Carlisle School Superintendent

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