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Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday’s Town Caucus to nominate candidates

Candidates for elected positions in town government will be nominated during the annual Town Caucus on Monday, March 1, to be held in the Clark Room at Town Hall at 7 p.m. ...more

Which CPA projects will get the nod?

At its February 11 meeting, the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) squeezed into the tiny Parlin room at Town Hall where they heard final presentations from applicants who have requested Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding for the coming year. Chair Kelly Guarino reminded the committee that no funding decisions would be made at this meeting; instead ...more

Fate of Community Preservation Act considered

Carlisle adds a 2% surcharge to property tax bills as part of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) program. Treasurer Larry Barton said that this amounts to about $190 per household. At this time, there is a 29% match given to the town by the state. The surcharge and matching money is at the disposal of the town and voted at Town Meeting for a specific range ...more

FinCom heads for the finish line

The Finance Committee (FinCom) budget hearings finally ended on Washington’s birthday, February 22, capping off a two-month struggle of Winter Olympic proportions. Although they missed a few gates on their daring run, FinCom members deserve a medal for determination in trying to enforce their guideline budget. ...more

Has Carlisle unemployment peaked?

For Carlisle workers times are bad but could be worse. The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) reports that Carlisle ended 2009 with an unemployment rate of 6.6% and averaged 6.4% throughout the year. After five years of 3% to 4% unemployment, this is a substantial increase – but significantly better than the 9.4% Massachusetts or ...more

GPS error causes Prospect Street headache

While technology can make life easier, software glitches can lead to unforeseen problems as discovered by the residents of Prospect Street. Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation systems currently show Prospect, a designated scenic way, as a connecting road rather than a dead-end. Traffic coming down Monument Street in Concord or River Road in Carlisle ...more

Selectmen shorts, February 9

Town Meetings. The Warrant for Annual Town Meeting May 10 was briefly reviewed. No override warrant is being considered, but a transfer from free cash to balance the budget will be proposed. Articles include a $1,300,000 debt exclusion for the CCHS feasibility study and schematic design, with an expectation that ...more

Auction: new tool in home seller’s kit?

The announcement there will be an auction of a large house at 650 Concord Street on March 6 was a surprise to many in town. Auctions have traditionally been the avenue of last resort for selling property: there have been only two others of Carlisle homes within recent memory. But this auction is not the result of distressed selling, according to Coldwell Banker ...more

Clock ticking on Benfield 40B

Roughly half the six-month period allowed for consideration of the Benfield Farms 40B special permit for the town’s 26-unit senior affordable housing development has passed and to date, the applicant, NOAH, has not yet submitted a final plan to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for review. ...more

ConsCom looks to minimize Benfield housing impact on nearby land

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) is reviewing the proposed Benfield Farms affordable housing project at 273 South Street to protect both nearby wetlands and conservation land. The commission on February 11 discussed the plans for 26 proposed residential units, associated driveways, parking, storm water management, and an on-site septic system and public ...more

Homeowner projects near wetlands (mostly) avoid hot water

779 West Street. More than three and half months have passed since the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) issued an Enforcement Order to Gregory Bruell stopping construction of his Japanese garden. The commission had identified more than a dozen violations of his permit under the Wetlands Protection Act and the Carlisle ...more

Selectmen shorts from the February 23 meeting

Police Chief contract amended.Chief Sullivan’s salary has been amended to $111,341 with an increase of 2% for each of the subsequent 2 years. Selectman Doug Stevenson said that the salary adjustment “was not taken lightly” and was the result of review of salaries relative to surrounding towns. In consideration ...more

Dr. Joyce Mehaffey fields questions at forum

Carlisle Middle School Principal Dr. Joyce Mehaffey answered a variety of questions posed by citizens about education and school administration during a public forum held on February 11. Mehaffey is being considered by the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) for the new position of superintendent/principal, to be filled after Superintendent Marie Doyle leaves at ...more

Highland Committee and MTS wrestle with scope of work

The Highland Building Committee had what member Bob Stone called a “robust meeting” with their architectural firm, Menders, Torrey and Spencer (MTS) on February 18, during which the two groups clarified the scope of work the committee has defined as “stabilization” of the Highland Building and outlined a schedule for taking the project through planning, ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School robot heads to competition

Back in the fall, a new Robotics Club was created as part of an initiative at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) called “Hooked on Science,” sponsored by the Concord Education Fund. This week, the team shipped off its first robot for the regional FIRST Robotics Competition, FRC. It will be held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute March 11–13. ...more

Minuteman students prepare for careers in Robotics, Biotechnology

On the upper floors of Minuteman Career & Technology Regional High School one can find a series of high-tech labs where students delve into the realm of robots and microscopes. In addition to traditional vocational instruction, there are two academies at Minuteman: one for Pre-Engineering and one for Biotechnology. These courses of study are rigorous and ...more

Board of Health agenda for Tuesday, March 9

7:30 Minutes, bills, reports ...more

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