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Friday, February 26, 2010


Sugaring season gets underway at Towle Field

Sap buckets on the Sugar Maples at Towle Field are a sure sign that spring is approaching – and a testament to Carlisle’s participation in a New England tradition. The trees are being tapped by Gaining Ground, a Concord-based non-profit hunger relief organization that has maintained a maple sugaring operation for about ten years. ...more

Cultural Compass: CCHS opens Wonderful Town tonight

Carlisle members of the orchestra. Back row left to right: Margaret Perko, Julia Margolies, Lucy King, Alex Sayde, Chloe Vilain, Victoria Abel, Christianna Marks, Kevin Barrow. Front row left to right: Sarah Rush, Nina Boxer, Kelly Xing, Catherine Liu. (Photo by Nancy Roberts)

Here is how you make a Wonderful Town out of a wonderful chaos. Last Thursday at around 11 a.m. in the CCHS auditorium, while everyone else was on vacation, a director on stage right ran a scene with actors in a small wagon set (a theatrical term for a set on wheels, with a back), representing a tiny New York basement ...more

Bill Koch League Ski Club in Carlisle

It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning and the area outside Great Brook Ski Touring Center is buzzing with families. Parents greet one other and the children chatter excitedly as they don bright orange ski bibs that declare them members of the Great Brook Bill Koch League ski club. ... more

Biodiversity Corner: Eastern Towhee

The towhee is a member of the sparrow family, though it is larger than most sparrows. In size and shape it resembles a cardinal, with a long tail but without the crest. The plumage is jet black on the top side, wrapping around the head to create the look of an executioner’s hood. The belly is white and the flanks are a rich robin-like reddish-brown. The white ...more

AROUND HOME: Cybersecurity, public disgrace and my day of infamy

Unintentionally, I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time on Saturday bearing witness to confessions. Not in person, but as an invisible audience. ...more

Dispatches from Haiti: Carlisle resident volunteers at field hospital Carlisle

Editor’s note: David Driscoll of Fiske Street has been in Port-au-Prince for almost a month, volunteering at a field hospital. His wife, Jo-Ann joined him there last week. David has given the Mosquito permission to quote excerpts from his personal emails and journal postings on Facebook. For clarity’s sake, some abbreviations ...more

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