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Friday, February 26, 2010

Highland Committee and MTS wrestle with scope of work

The Highland Building Committee had what member Bob Stone called a “robust meeting” with their architectural firm, Menders, Torrey and Spencer (MTS) on February 18, during which the two groups clarified the scope of work the committee has defined as “stabilization” of the Highland Building and outlined a schedule for taking the project through planning, bidding and construction.

The committee has been working to define the scope of work for the project in terms of repairing areas of the building that are unsound or need weatherproofing and installing a temporary fire protection system until such time as the building’s use has been determined. At that point, the building would be fully restored and made compliant with building codes, and the interior redesigned to suit the use. MTS had been leaning closer to restoration and redesign and needed to understand the work required for simple stabilization of the building. At this meeting, the committee guided MTS through that scope of work and asked MTS to adjust its proposal once more and to re-submit it to Town Administrator Tim Goddard for final fee negotiations.

MTS agreed with the committee to “an aggressive schedule from this point forward” so that they could both look forward to a summer construction project which would stabilize the building before another fall and winter season sets in. The committee has asked MTS to provide construction documents, oversight of the construction, a visit by a fire protection engineer to analyze the building’s fire suppression needs and a hazardous materials survey of the building. They have also asked MTS to coordinate their scheduled presentations with the committee’s meeting dates through May. At the end of the meeting, both sides appeared to have reached a good understanding of the contract requirements, and MTS will submit an adjusted proposal to Goddard, who will negotiate the final contract on behalf of the town.

Among themselves, the committee is researching questions with Goddard pertaining to the correct way to legally document the project and the potential responsibilities of Town Counsel with respect to reviewing the contract. They have scheduled their next meeting for March 4 at 7 p.m. ∆

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