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Friday, February 26, 2010

Selectmen shorts from the February 23 meeting

Police Chief contract amended.Chief Sullivan’s salary has been amended to $111,341 with an increase of 2% for each of the subsequent 2 years. Selectman Doug Stevenson said that the salary adjustment “was not taken lightly” and was the result of review of salaries relative to surrounding towns. In consideration of the change the amended contract states, “The Chief shall receive no benefits under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Police Career Incentive Program (so-called “Quinn Bill) now or hereafter under the terms of this agreement.”

Lisa Davis Lewis appointed to Zoning Board of Appeals. Planner and former Board of Health member Lisa Davis Lewis was appointed as an associate member to the ZBA at the February 23 Selectmen’s meeting. It is an appointment for three years. When asked by Chair Tim Hult, “What caused you to volunteer?” Lewis quipped: “Guilt – every year I get a call from George Mansfield to run for Planning Board then I saw an article in the Mosquito about associate members and I thought maybe that is where I would fit in. I really have the qualifications (for ZBA). I’ve had experience with 40B projects on both sides of the fence.”

Policy on signs at rotary. The present policy, adopted in 1991, requires permission of the Selectmen. A single sign, not larger than 2 feet by 3 feet and not politically partisan in nature, can be placed in the rotary for not longer than one week to promote a local event of general interest to the Carlisle community. Consideration is being given to change the policy by excluding the rotary but permitting signs to be place at the three raised areas at the approaches to the rotary. Before moving forward the Selectmen will consult the Police, the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee and the Historical Commission.

Votes to expend CPA funds for Benfield Farms. Of the approximately $48,000 remaining in the Community Preservation Act (CPA) Affordable Housing Trust account that was authorized at the 2006 Town Meeting, the Selectmen voted to authorize $4,600 for the Zoning Board of Appeals to defray Benfield Farms consulting fees. In addition, $800 was authorized to cover the Conservation Commission filing fee for Wetlands Protection Act compliance.

CPA proposal to fund housing coordinator position. The Selectmen voted to amend an earlier request made to the CPA Committee. Originally the request was to fund the Housing Coordinator Position for one year at the rate of $35,000. That would be approximately equivalent to 21 hours per week. Given the amount of activity presently before the Housing Authority, HA Chair Alan Lehotsky challenged the amount. Upon consideration the Selectmen agreed and apologized for not getting the Housing Authority involved in the discussion earlier. They voted to amend the request to $50,000 for each of two years. Lehotsky will present the amended proposal to his board before the CPA Committee receives the request.

Guy Clark Plaque to be displayed in Town Hall Clark Room. In March 1967 the Town presented Guy Clark with a plaque to commemorate his 16-years service as Town Moderator. The Clark family offered to donate the plaque back to the Town, and the Selectmen voted to “accept the donation with gratitude” and observed that it would be appropriate to place it in the Clark room.

Community Chest donation suggested by Police Chief. Responding to a letter from Chief Sullivan, the board voted to “approve the request of the Concord Community Chest for a donation of a ride to school from the Police Department, for their upcoming fundraiser and authorize Chief Sullivan to coordinate this with the appropriate parties.” ∆

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