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Friday, February 12, 2010

Planning Board Shorts, February 8

• Consultant interview. Susan Carter Sullivan, President of Places Associates, was invited to the February 8 Planning Board meeting to discuss her experience and the capabilities of her company. Chair David Freedman explained that the board is looking to expand the list of groups able to assist with subdivision reviews.

As introduction, Freedman said that he, Planning Board Administrator George Mansfield, and ZBA and Planning Board member Kent Gonzales were at the January 27 Zoning Board of Appeals hearing when Places was interviewing for the Benfield 40B peer review position. “We were pleased and impressed with Sullivan’s presentation.”

Sullivan stated that she is a civil engineer and her business partner, Bill Murray, is a registered landscape architect. Places Associates was formed in 2009. Her prior experience was with David Ross Associates, Places Site Consultants and as an independent contractor. She is a member of the Chelmsford Planning Board and has provided engineering support to Stow for 15 years and to Boxborough for the last 2 years.

• Rules and Regs review.Following the interview, the board decided that Sullivan would be an appropriate reviewer of the updated Subdivision Rules and Regulations before the Board adopted them. Freedman and Mansfield will discuss the task with Sullivan and determine if such a review can take place before the board’s next meeting on February 22.

• Monopole modification approved. Attorney Michael Giaimo, representing Bell Atlantic Mobile (Verizon Wireless), came before the board to request a minor modification to the special permit that had previously been approved. (See Mosquito, August 14, 2009, “Planning Board okays Verizon wireless antenna off Bedford Road.”) The Verizon antenna system is to be located at the 146-foot elevation inside the 189-foot monopole.

Giaimo said that in performing the installation, engineers determined that because of the wiring associated with the other antennas above the Verizon location, the 10-foot tall, 30-inch diameter outer covering of the monopole at the Verizon location would not fit. The best engineering “fix” is to replace the outer covering at that location with one that has a 36-inch diameter.

Noting the minor change in appearance of the installation, the board voted unanimously to “informally permit the change.”

With installation of the Verizon antenna system the monopole will be fully populated. ∆

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