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Friday, February 5, 2010

Badalament updates RSC on education initiatives at CCHS

Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Principal Peter Badalament briefed the Regional School Committee (RSC) on recent activities relating to global awareness, technology and curriculum.

Global awareness, literacy

One of the district goals is to promote global awareness at CCHS. Badalament talked about the many activities relating to global awareness this year. For instance, he praised English teacher Neil Lynch who has spent many hours organizing a Haitian Relief Effort. Over $400 was raised in one hour.

Another aspect of global awareness is the relatively new Global Literacy Program. Students will do a portfolio for the program and may engage in any of the travel or exchange programs CCHS participates in. There are student trips to Ecuador, Japan, San Marcos and Madagascar planned over the next several months.

Technology trends

History teacher Mary McCabe has incorporated video projects in her international issues class and students have been interviewing people to learn their views on the Iraq War. The World Cultures class is using Glogster, a website that provides tools for students to create multi-media presentations.

Badalament explained that some classes are using GoogleDocs to create class-based notes. A student is picked to write the notes for that day. As the class is going along, that teacher can verify that what is being written down is accurate. This keeps mistakes from propagating when the notes get posted.

Students are taking advantage of the new recording studio. Badalament thanked Director of Information Technology Gene Warfel and Peter Kelly for helping musicians record CDs for their college applications.

Technology equity

Badalament said that 98% of CCHS students have computers with Internet access at home. “That means 2% don’t.” The school is trying to provide assistance and information to families currently without access. One way to address this concern is for students to use NetZero, a free dial-up Internet service. In addition, provision is made for students without printers to use printers while at school.

Art and History team up

Badalament described an interdisciplinary project, “Joe Pickman of the art department and Michael Goodwin of the history department have brought together iconic images of American art” in a new exhibit in the gallery just past the cafeteria near the main entrance. Students from the two departments are interpreting the art and its meaning.

Curriculum review

The English program is being reviewed for grade 9. Badalament said, “Teachers are reviewing curriculum, instruction and assessment. They have made significant revisions and changes.”

Teacher appreciation

Badalament told the RSC that Stanford University and Carlton College have a practice of asking students what teacher had the greatest influence on them during their high school education. At Stanford, Samuel Corrao Clanon of Concord nominated CCHS History teacher Tracy Davies for this honor, saying “she was passionate and engaging and a Mets fan.” Badalament congratulated Davies. At Carleton, Daniel Sairsingh of Concord nominated CCHS History teacher Andrei Joseph saying, “He is very special teacher.” ∆

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