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Friday, February 5, 2010

Selectmen shorts, January 26

Interim Advanced Life Support service proposed. At the January 26 Selectmen’s meeting Fire Chief David Flannery said that loss of staff at Emerson Hospital will force Emerson to abandon its plan to continue ALS service until September. Local emergency medical technicians (EMTs) respond on emergency calls within a few minutes and provide immediate care. ALS paramedics are part of the regular hospital staff and can respond with special equipment within 13 to 15 minutes. ALS is specialized response for life-threatening emergencies such as heart attacks. It had been expected that Carlisle and the other communities served by Emerson ALS would have a permanent solution in place at that time. Emerson has suggested an interim solution – contracting to a private service from now until September. Flannery will get more information on cost and the Selectmen expect to make a decision at its February 9 meeting.

Cost-saving measures implemented. Acting on recommendation of Finance Director Larry Barton the Selectmen voted to declare the useful life of the recently purchased fire engine and fire cisterns as being 15 years. Thus, they can be refinanced as long-term debt at a more favorable interest rate.

Building Inspector John Luther said that his assistant, Beth Bradley, has resigned and that rather than seek a replacement, the town office staff will be used as needed.

Transfer Station stickers. Chair Tim Hult asked that residents procure their 2010 Transfer Station Stickers at the Police Station so that the police can concentrate on the “bad guys” – bank robbers and house breakers – rather than monitor sticker compliance at the Transfer Station. ∆

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