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Friday, January 29, 2010


Author George Scarlett loves kids, coaching and Carlisle

If you happen to be biking or walking in Great Brook one weekday morning, don’t be alarmed if you see a distinguished looking gentleman sitting in his car, writing longhand, (that’s no laptop) while listening to Bach and eating his breakfast from a tinfoil wrapper. If there is an aging border collie patrolling the backseat, you’ll know the writer is George ...more

The Supreme Court and the future: A panel discussion

Are the courts too political? Is justice too powerful? Should judges have a broader range of experience? These are some of the questions pondered by a panel of legal experts on January 21 as part of the Gleason Library Community Read. (The Nine, by Jeffrey Toobin). Entitled “The Court and the Future” the discussion ...more

Around Home

Let’s pretend we’re having a meeting ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Sweetfern

Last weekend when the ground was still covered with the heavy wet snow that had flattened many plants, a colony of sturdy Sweetfern was protruding through the snow at the Banta-Davis Land beyond the top parking lot. It appeared to be looking around enjoying the warmer temperatures and defying the presence of the snow. I felt some kinship with it. ...more

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