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Friday, January 29, 2010

BOS continue Stretch Code hearing

At the continuation of the Stretch Code Public Hearing on January 26, Board of Selectmen Chair Tim Hult said that adoption of the Stretch Code would require a Town Meeting vote and that final decision on all Warrant Articles for the Annual Town Meeting will not be made until early March. The Stretch Code is an optional building code to promote energy efficiency in new and renovated buildings (see “Selectmen hear Stretch Code benefits, costs,” Mosquito, January 8.)

Selectman Doug Stevenson noted that adoption is one of the five requirements for a town to receive “Green Community” designation and consequently become eligible to apply for grants to finance all or a portion of the cost of studying, designing, constructing and implementing energy efficiency activities. He asked whether it was realistic to achieve the other four requirements, specifically the requirement to provide a Zoning Bylaw change to permit “as-of-right siting of renewable or alternative energy generating facilities, renewable or alternative energy research and development (R&D) facilities, or renewable or alternative energy manufacturing facilities in designated locations.”

Dan Cook from the Energy Task Force responded that he thought it was practical and that its feasibility is one of the next items on their agenda.

Susan Stamps asked whether, if the Selectmen chose not to include adoption on the Warrant, there would be sufficient time for a citizen petition to include it. Hult responded that there would be sufficient time but that it would be unusual for a Warrant Article requested by a town committee not to be included on the Warrant.

The Public Hearing on Stretch Code will be continued to a Selectmen’s meeting in March after the Warrant Articles are set. ∆

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