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Friday, January 29, 2010

Carlisle resident summonsed for assault

A 23-year-old Carlisle resident has been charged with assault and battery for an attack on January 3. Jason Baliestiero allegedly attacked his sister’s boyfriend, Alex Malo, in the Baliestiero driveway on Berry Corner Lane where Malo had been plowing snow and was sitting on a tractor. Jessica Young, age 24, who is listed as a Concord resident, was at the scene and was also charged with assault for kicking Malo. She will also be summonsed.

Both Young and Baliestiero were involved in an assault in Maynard last November 30. At that time Maynard police responded to a report of a fight in progress. Baliestiero and Young had gone to the Maynard residence of Young’s former boyfriend, Michael Bearse. According to police, Bearse got into a fight with Young’s brother, that led to the police response. While they were fighting, Jessica Young went upstairs into Bearse’s apartment and knocked over items. Bearse did not want her in his apartment and pushed her and she kicked him in the leg. Young’s brother entered the upstairs fight and was joined by Baliestiero, who picked up a golf club and struck Bearse, who sustained only minor injuries. Baliestero was then arrested for assault by Maynard police and could face a prison sentence of up to ten years. His hearing on that charge will be held at the Concord District Court on February 1. He will be represented by a court appointed lawyer. It is not known if the Carlisle charges will be considered at the same time. ∆

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