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Friday, January 22, 2010


Carlisle Community Chorus delights with debut

At the reception that followed Tuesday evening’s debut performance of the Carlisle Community Chorus, singer Bea Shneider asked her friend Gertrude Behn what she thought of the chorus’s German in the Brahms song, “In Stiller Nacht.” Behn, a native of Germany, assured Shneider that it was “excellent – really very, very clear, crystal clear.” Audience ...more

Why do we Carlisleans blog? For so many reasons…

If Freud were taking part in the social media revolution, he might pose this question: “What do bloggers want?” ...more

Restaurant Review Carlisle, we have barbecue

With the opening of the FireBox BBQ in Bedford last fall, Carlisleans can now count on a substantial addition – at a reasonable price – to our dining options. Even though the FireBox occupies the dreaded black hole of restaurant locations (Sandwich Shop, KnowFat! and others were there before) the food, service, ambiance and culinary skill of the owners ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Cluster Fly

Last week I started a story of a Bald-faced Hornet nest by documenting one of its many winter residents, the Spotted Lady Beetle. In the days following, I became much more closely acquainted with some of the other occupants of the nest – but first, I’d like to back up to the retrieval of the nest itself. ...more

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