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Friday, January 22, 2010

Energy Efficiency Task Force to recommend Warrant Articles

The Carlisle Energy Efficiency Task Force may request that Selectmen add two Articles on the Town Warrant. The first would ask the town to approve the new Stretch Building Code. The second would be for funds to make improvements for energy efficiency in town buildings.

The Stretch Code was developed by the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards to improve energy efficiency. (See “BOS considers “stretch” building code,” Mosquito, December 11, 2009.) Members of the task force will be at the next Board of Selectmen meeting to discuss this.

Energy audit data incomplete

NSTAR performed an energy audit on the Town Hall, the DPW building and the Police Station. NSTAR identified measures to be taken, how much those upgrades would cost and how much NSTAR would contribute for those upgrades. Task force member and Building Commissioner John Luther said, “They didn’t give what the pay-back is [for these upgrades] or how long it will take.” The audits did not include many measures the task force had already identified. Also, the audit was to include National Grid input, but no gas efficiency measures were included in the report. The task force will go back to NSTAR for more information and answers to why these other measures were not addressed.

NSTAR listed $7,369 in improvements for the Town Hall and has offered to pay for $2,100 of those upgrades. These upgrades include changing T-12 and T-8 lamps to 28 watt T-8 with co-power ballasts and retrofitting exit signs with LED lights. But the report did not recommend any improvements that the task force had already identified, such as repairing duct work to eliminate leaks, insulating duct work, repairing insulation in the attic, insulating above the trap door to the attic, improving heat controls, or replacing 1500-watt space heaters with 150-watt under-the-desk radiant heaters.

NSTAR listed $7,495 in improvements for the Police Station and has offered to pay for $3,200 of those upgrades. The upgrades include changing light fixtures to more energy efficient types with low-power ballasts. The audit did not address replacing the old boiler, insulating pipes or changing the outside lamps, all of which the task force had identified.

NSTAR listed $9,576 in improvements for the Transfer Station and has offered to pay for $4,500 of those upgrades. These include changing light fixtures and installing occupancy sensors in the garage offices. The audit did not include insulating pipes, repairing insulation in the garage and the attic, replacing failed space heaters with radiant heat systems or retrofitting exit signs with LED lights.

No report was received for the Gleason Library, although the task force has identified several measures including insulating pipes, retrofitting exit recessed lamps with LED lights and re-piping the cooling system to eliminate cooling fluid going through the boiler. No report has been received for the Fire Station. The Carlisle School audit has not been scheduled yet.

Task force member Dan Cook talked about the continuing heating and cooling problems at the Town Hall. “There is lousy duct work and bad insulation.” For instance, Luther pointed out that one day last week it was 62°F at his desk and this week it is 78°F. The task force discussed the insulation problems in the roof of the building. The trusses are two feet apart. The drop ceiling is several feet below the trusses. There is no good way to keep insulation in this area. Task force member Glenn Reed pointed out that these problems have existed for 13 years, since the building was built. Task force member Steve Hinton said that several people at Town Hall have 1500-watt space heaters. Cook will try out radiant heaters under desks. ∆

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