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Friday, January 8, 2010

Idlers beware. Susan Stamps of Carlisle Climate Action is happy to see one of the town’s new no-idling signs. Residents will fi nd the new signs at the Transfer Station, Post Offi ce and Carlisle School, reminding them to turn off their engines and limit idling. (Courtesy photo)

Carlisle adopts no-idling policy

submitted by Susan Stamps

At its September 22 meeting, the Selectman adopted a no-idling policy to encourage residents to comply with state laws which limit idling to five minutes and prohibit any idling on or near school property. Hence, the new blue signs at the Transfer Station and the Post Office and the white signs at the Carlisle School asking residents to turn off engines.

The Selectmen adopted the policy as a result of a presentation by Susan Stamps of Carlisle Climate Action in August. Stamps asked that Carlisle join the many cities and towns in Massachusetts who, with the encouragement of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, have started programs to educate residents about the anti-idling laws. Interest has been sparked by a growing awareness of the harmful environmental and health effects of unnecessary vehicle emissions.

The Massachusetts General Laws c.90, s.16A, in effect since 1972 limits idling to five minutes, with a few exceptions, and a new amendment to c.71, s.37H, effective in August, 2009, prohibits idling altogether on or near school grounds, including by school buses.

Stamps’ request was supported by the Carlisle Energy Task Force, Department of Public Works Superintendent Gary Davis and the Carlisle postmaster.∆

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