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Friday, January 8, 2010

Carlisle School Committee shorts, December 16

CSA grants. The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) voted on December 16 to accept a donation of $14,924 from the Carlisle School Association (CSA). The donation is in the form of staff-requested grants, such as books, athletic equipment and computer accessories.

Policy votes. In keeping with a suggestion from the consultants at New England School Development Council (NESDC) to streamline communication between parents and school staff, the CSC discussed a proposed Public Complaints Policy and a separate Parent Communication Guide. CSC member Louis Salemy said that they might help to better structure the workload since the school will have one fewer administrator after June. However, CSC member Bill Fink pointed out that enforcing the Public Complaints Policy would be difficult. He asked what would happen, for example, if a teacher or a principal broke the policy by responding to a parent instead of referring them to the correct channel of complaints.

In addition to the proposed policy, the committee reviewed the school’s existing Parent Communication Guide, The guide is organized by the types of concerns parents may have and names an initial contact person (usually a teacher) and next level of contact (usually a principal).

It was decided that only the Parent Communication Guide would be used, and the Public Complaint Policy would be tabled.

The CSC voted to adopt the reviewed School Committee Ethics policy, which contained one minor wording change.

Bylaws. The CSC reviewed the School Committee Bylaws. Fink and committee member Dale Ryder volunteered to review them further.

Vice chair voted. The committee voted in Bill Fink as Vice Chair, replacing former member Wendell Sykes who resigned in December.

Surplus equipment. The committee voted to release surplus computer equipment, most of which is older than six years. The surplus equipment will be offered to town offices.

Executive session. The CSC entered into executive session to discuss a contract. ∆

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