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Friday, January 8, 2010

Selectmen shorts, December 22

Warrant opened for Town Meeting. At the December 22 Board of Selectmen’s meeting Town Administrator Tim Goddard submitted his recommendation for the Annual Town Meeting timeline. It was accepted by the Selectmen. Schedule items include:

December 22 – Open Warrant

January 12 – First draft of Warrant

January 26 – Second draft of Warrant

March 1 – Town Caucus

March 15 – Close Warrant

April 12 – Post Warrant

May 10 – Annual Town Meeting

May 18 – Town Election

Benfield Farms. NOAH, the developer selected for the Benfield 40B project, had requested reimbursement of the $800 filing fee that had been paid to the Conservation Commission in submitting the Notice of Intent on the project. Noting that the filing fee for Wetlands Protection Act compliance customarily pays for a portion of Conservation Commission staff time associated with reviewing the project, the Selectmen deferred making a decision until receiving comment from the ConsCom.

Carlisle School Committee vacancy. Goddard said that the advertised deadline for applications for the School Committee seat is January 12. Selectman Doug Stevenson injected the thought that the School Committee appointment is different from many committee appointments made by the Selectmen. “We are stepping into the shoes of the voting public in making the appointment – we don’t ‘rubber stamp’ a School Committee recommendation.” Goddard will set a time for a joint meeting with the School Committee that at least three Selectmen can attend to move forward with the appointment.

Twelve Days of Christmas. Complete with Santa hats the board sang its version of the 12 Days:

Starting with the phrase:

“On the … day of Christmas My Home Town gave to me --

One spanking new Town Administrator

Two teachers’ contracts

Three town elections

Four Highland heaters

Five happy Selectmen

Six pages of Stretch Code

Seven sled dogs barking

Eight million from MSBA [Massachusetts School Building Authority]

Nine cars not idling

Ten unfunded mandates

Eleven miles of pathways

Twelve ounces bought at Ferns.”

Maneuvering through laughter and applause, the board voted to go into executive session to discuss collective bargaining and litigation topics. ∆

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