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Friday, January 8, 2010

Carlisle School looks internally for superintendent

The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) is beginning the superintendent search process and will first list the position internally. The search is necessary to replace Superintendent Marie Doyle, who has submitted her resignation effective June 30. The process for an internal search is simpler and less expensive, explained Arthur Bettencourt, the committee’s consultant from the New England School Development Council (NESDEC), at the December 16 School Committee meeting. “It is an opportunity to develop your talent from within,” he added.

Bettencourt suggested the position be posted immediately, with a January 5 resume submission deadline. NESDEC will review the resumes, check background and certifications, and report to the CSC on their findings. By January 20 the CSC could begin their interview of candidates. Instead of creating a search committee as is done for an external candidate, Bettencourt suggested the CSC hold a community forum. A moderator would lead the session, asking representative questions received in advance from the audience.

The CSC asked whether they should hold both an internal and external search at the same time. A superintendent search that is open to both internal and external candidates may be detrimental to the external search process, Bettencourt replied. He said external candidates who know Carlisle School may recognize the school has “one, two, or three internal candidates, and the outsiders may hold back” on applying. If no internal candidates are successful, an ad for the position would be posted externally in January, 2010, and the process, which involves forming a search committee and site visits, would be completed in May.

Though the CSC has discussed hiring a “superintendent/principal,” the position will be listed as superintendent and will include principal duties in the job description. CSC member Dale Ryder noted, “We want to be sure we are very clear on what we are looking for. What our expectations are might have an impact on who applies.” Chair Chad Koski said there is some question as to whether the School Committee can legally hire a principal. ∆

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