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Friday, January 8, 2010

Police get their man – twice

Curtis Gladstone will probably not forget the first time he was arrested by Carlisle police because he had to leave a Cross Street residence he had broken into somewhat sooner than he had planned and by a route he had not anticipated. He ran from that house through the woods between Cross Street and Route 225, across Route 225 and onto Curve Street, where he was caught and arrested at Curve Street and Hutchins Road. His case was dramatic because it involved the Carlisle police on duty, four off-duty Carlisle officers working on details in town, a German Shepherd that worked for the Burlington police, a Burlington officer and police from other towns who helped block roads. This happened on August 11 last year and he has been on pre-trial probation since then (See Mosquito, August 14, 2009.)

Returns to Carlisle in December

However, Gladstone has not been idle while he awaits trial: on December 18 he allegedly broke into homes on North Road and Martin Street. Then on December 21, he allegedly returned to Carlisle and broke into a residence on Elizabeth Ridge Road where a house alarm alerted police. Nothing was taken on Elizabeth Ridge Road, and police obtained evidence from shoe prints in the snow leading to the front door and from the person who had driven Gladstone to the house and who identified him.

Police get arrest warrant and search warrant

Carlisle police applied for a search warrant to gain entrance to Gladstone’s home in Chelmsford, which they did this past Monday morning, January 4. There they found a digital camera which linked Gladstone to one other housebreak and they confiscated boots that matched the footprints in the snow on Elizabeth Ridge Road and also tied him to three other housebreaks.

Although they had issued an arrest warrant for Gladstone, they did not find him. His mother told Officer Andy Booth of the Carlisle police that Gladstone was not at home because he was being held by Lunenburg police for a crime of breaking and entering there on Sunday, January 3.

Two young children at the scene of the Lunenburg break-in ran upstairs and away from him and used their cell phone to call Lunenburg police for help. So Gladstone was caught again and arrested on the Lunenburg charges and the two outstanding warrants from Carlisle. The Lunenburg arrest placed him in the Worcester Area House of Correction.

On Wednesday, Gladstone was arraigned in Middlesex District Court in Concord and is charged in the break-ins on Elizabeth Ridge Road, North Road and Martin Street. Bail was set at $20,000 for the Lunenberg charges and another $20,000 for the Carlisle charges. However, bail was revoked during his probation hearing and he will be behind bars for at least 60 days.

Chief John Sullivan is hopeful that there will be a Grand Jury indictment in Gladstone’s case. This would necessitate it being heard in the Superior Court and avoid separate procedures in both the Concord District Court and Worcester Court. ∆

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