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Friday, December 18, 2009

Planning Board shorts, December 15

No position taken on stretch code. Anticipating the public hearing scheduled by the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday, December 22 the Planning Board discussed the optional “stretch” building code regarding energy efficiency standards at its December 15 meeting. (See “BOS considers ‘stretch’ building code,” Mosquito, December 11.) At this time the board decided not to take a position on the advisability of Carlisle adopting the “stretch” code.

Board member Kent Gonzales offered the opinion that the State has a “carrot” for communities adopting the “stretch” code – the community could meet one criterion to qualify as a “green community.” However he said, “To qualify, you have to have a source of production of energy in town – it is a useless carrot [for Carlisle].”

The Massachusetts web site of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs states, “All of the qualification criteria involve measures that lead to a community reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, through using less energy. If a community provides as-of-right siting for renewable energy generation, this can lead to the energy that you do consume being greener.”

Berry Corner Lane settlement. The settlement agreement on the long-standing suit against the Planning Board regarding a Berry Corner Lane property (Map 7, Parcel 29) is progressing. (See “Valchuis brothers file second lawsuit,” Mosquito, February 15, 2002, and “Berry Corner Lane feud nears resolution,” Mosquito, April 25, 2008.) The board’s consulting firm LandTec has reviewed plans and cost estimates submitted by the engineering firm Stamsky and McNary for bringing the roadway to “private common driveway standards.” LandTec concurs with the plans and estimate. The board asked Planning Administrator George Mansfield to have a letter sent to Stamsky and McNary to that effect. The board emphasized that the property owners will have to decide how to apportion the cost, have the work done, have the project inspected and submit an “as-built plan” to the Planning Board.

Update of Subdivision Rules and Regulations. The Planning Board will schedule a public hearing on January 25 to present and seek public input on an update of its Subdivision Rules and Regulations. Content of such rules and regulations do not require a Town Meeting vote. The date will be advertised prior to the hearing. ∆

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