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Friday, December 11, 2009


The Mosquito staff recommends books for holiday giving

anniversary of The Mosquito’s holiday book-giving selections. Hands down, this is one of our readers’ favorite features, probably because the list offers such a diversity of titles, making it easy to find the perfect gift for the hardest to please. So tear out these pages, go to your favorite bookstore, and check some ...more

Biodiversity Corner Old Man’s Beard

Any time we have a northeaster or any kind of heavy winds, branches and twigs which have broken from the canopy will be scattered on the ground. Many of those branches will have lichens and some will have Old Man’s Beard. On Cape Cod and in Maine on Mount Desert Island, you barely have to open your eyes to find lichens in this genus (Usnea) ...more

CSA cookbook presents favorite recipes from the community’s best cooks

Head up to the Carlisle Public School campus on the first early-release Tuesday of the school year – or the last one – and you might notice that the teachers have an extra spring in their step. Why? It’s not because they have a full afternoon of meetings and professional development to look forward to; it’s what comes before that. In a tradition dating ...more

Carlisle Comments: Money and bananas

My son is learning to talk. He wakes up every morning and says, lately, m’NEE! At first we (okay, I) thought it must be some mangled version of “Mommy,” the most important word he will ever know, but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t me he was after. ...more

Gleason Library hosts seasonal photographs

The current exhibit at the Gleason Library entitled “Shadows and Light,” which will run through January 2, depicts the poignant photographic prints of Joan Kocak. The River Road resident finds herself inspired by New England scenery, most frequently in the darker months. ...more

Food for thought: ideas on local and organic agriculture

“Food for Thought,” the second in the seminar series, “Life in the Balance,” took place at the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord last month. The keynote speaker and panelists talked about preserving forests, farming locally, getting more nutritious food into school cafeterias and educating the public on the real meaning of “organic” in ...more

Carlisle Comments A surprising find: the Ginkgo tree

As one who takes daily walks along Carlisle’s back roads and through its conservation lands, I am sometimes astounded that I suddenly “see” something that has inexplicably escaped my notice for years. In early November, the late afternoon light illuminated a shapely tree setting it ablaze amidst a tangle of undergrowth and I needed to know what the tree ...more

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