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Friday, December 11, 2009

RSC finalizes FY11 budget

The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) voted to approve an FY11 budget for the high school of $23,502,927 at their meeting on Tuesday, December 8. This budget is below the Concord Finance Committee Guideline and represents a savings of roughly $38,000 for Carlisle from the proposed budget of mid-October. To get to this number, an additional $125,000, over the $300,000 previously identified, was taken from the Excess and Deficiency (E&D) account, lowering assessments to both towns. RSC member Louis Salemy said in praise of the efforts to lower the budget, “Thank you very much on behalf of Carlisle.” The approved budget is roughly $115,000 over Carlisle’s 3% Growth Guideline budget proposed early in the fall.

Deputy Superintendent John Flaherty gave an overview of the budget. This fall, the Concord Revised Guideline Budget was $151,000 less than the FY11 Preliminary Needs Budget. Then the State announced $91,000 in 9C (local aid) cuts. A total of $242,000 had to be cut from the preliminary budget. These cuts were offset by an $80,000 reduction in CASE special education assessments and $100,000 saved after the district had clarification of the 9C circuit breaker reimbursement. This left a $62,690 deficit. Faculty teaching under-enrolled classes in non-core curriculum will be laid off to handle this deficit.

Flaherty showed a chart showing percentage of change of programs at CCHS since FY06. He said the big drivers in cost escalation over recent years have been special education, which has gone up 11.7% and fixed costs, which have risen by 9.0% since FY06. Health insurance is the major factor for that increase. During that time period, regular education has risen 3.1% and administrative costs have risen 2.5%. The FY11 budget includes a drop of 1.4% in special education costs, as well as increases of 4.2% in administrative, 6.1% in regular education, 9.7% in operations and 10.3% in fixed costs.

The RSC also voted to request that two Warrant Articles be considered by the Concord and Carlisle Spring Town Meetings. One Article is a request to create a stabilization fund for technology,while the second will request funding for the next step in planning for high school renovations. ∆

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