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Friday, December 4, 2009

Regional School Committee shorts, November 24

Sports awards. Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Principal Peter Badalament told the Regional School Committee (RSC) on November 24 that the golf team won the MIAA Golf Sportsmanship Award. “It’s a pretty big deal. I am very proud of Coach Phil Gibson, the boys and Athletic Director Barry Haley for setting the tone.”

CCHS received the MIAA District Sportsmanship Award at the MIAA Conference held recently at Gillette Stadium. Badalament said, “We, as a school, were recognized for sportsmanship of all of our athletes. It’s huge recognition. It speaks to the students and how they handle themselves and the adult leadership, as well, in terms of the coaching staff and the athletic director setting the appropriate tone and modeling that behavior themselves.”

“The Boys Varsity Soccer Team won the State Championship the other night,” continued Badalament. “They played an amazing game…As a former soccer player, I could see it was really a team effort.” Badalament praised the team for showing good sportsmanship when they did not respond to some bad behavior by the other team. “We’re incredibly proud of them.” Badalament pointed out that the Boston Globe had not even ranked CCHS in the top 20 earlier this fall.

Enrollment. NESDEC predicts the high school enrollment will gradually drop to approximately 1,070 students by 2019. Flaherty explained that NESDEC makes their projections based on birthrates and may not take into account other external factors such as people moving into town after their children are born. Superintendent Diana Rigby said the CCHS student population was 1,245 this year, 14 students more than predicted by NESDEC.

Band Alums give donation.The RSC accepted a gift of $2,375 from CCHS Concert Band Alumni families. The donation will be used to replace the band’s shipping crates. The Concert Band will be heading to Japan in April.

METCO. New METCO Coordinator Aaron Joncas and guidance counselor Alison Furey “gave a terrific presentation to the METCO Parent Council in Boston about college readiness,” said Badalament The two talked about college admissions process. Badalament said he wants to increase communication and representation between parents here and in Boston.

Trip to Ecuador. CCHS Spanish teacher Eric Pohl was granted permission for a student exchange program with Ecuador. CCHS students go to Ecuador for two weeks in February and students from Ecuador spend two weeks here in April. The first week in each country is generally spent with host families so students can improve their Spanish and soak up the culture. The second week is generally for touring.

FY08 audit. Don Meldrum of Melanson Heath and Company audited the RSD and gave a report on her findings. She said, “You did very well in 2008 [FY08].” There were $87,000 in unexpended funds added to the Excess and Deficiencies Account, bringing the E&D balance up to $982,000. This represents 4.3% of the total budget. School districts are not allowed to have over 5%. Flaherty explained that the $982,000 in E & D Account was one reason the district’s bond rating went up to “AA1” last year. “We are the only regional school in Massachusetts to have [that high a rating].”

Meldrum also complimented the district for showing strong budgeting. A comparison of what was budgeted to what was actually spent showed a positive amount of $259,000, one third of one percent. Of that amount, $191,000 was an increase in state aid above conservative estimates and the remaining $68,000 was due to cost savings. Deputy Superintendent John Flaherty said, “We earmarked the $259,000 for the following year’s budget (FY09) and reduced the assessments to the two towns.

Meldrum recommended having someone within the school district do an internal audit, because she felt there should be more than one entity checking the books. Also, there should be an actuary report done for post-retirement benefits. Flaherty said that report would be done by the end of December. ∆

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