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Friday, December 4, 2009

Selectmen adopt pathway maintenance and bike safety plan

Residents with one of the 42 properties that abut pathways often show good will by cleaning up trash or sweeping brush off the surface. However, Pathways Committee Chair Deb Belanger advises homeowners not to attempt removing snow using a mechanized snow-blower as the settings used for a driveway can delaminate the surface veneer of a pathway. Snow shovels are considered less likely to damage the pathway surface. This advisory, as well as town maintenance and safety guidelines, resulted from a meeting Belanger had with Superintendent of Public Works Gary Davis, Board of Selectmen Chair Tim Hult, and Town Administrator Tim Goddard. The Selectmen approved the guidelines unanimously at their Tuesday, November 24 meeting.

The policy for town maintenance of pathways includes:

• Fall/spring leaf cleanup (per DPW resource availability)

• Snow removal at the town center only

• Excess gravel removal in the spring

• Necessary structural repairs

• Clearing of obstructing vegetation

“The pathways will be maintained to keep them safe,” said Belanger noting that the effort will not allow for further “beautification.”

Bike safety promoted

Town guidelines to maintain safe road surfaces for bicycles encompass:

• Removal of vegetation blocking sightlines

• Removal of rocks, stakes, and other obstructions in the right of way

• Pothole repairs, road resurfacing, and improvement projects to widen roads where feasible

• Homeowner notification of errant mailbox placement

• Newly painted fog lines

• Moving to remove safety issues

Belanger suggested adding painted arrows for bike traffic along certain roads and plans to bring a proposal to the Selectmen for review in the January time frame. ∆

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