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Friday, November 27, 2009

School Building Committee eyes project budget

Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell presented the first comprehensive project budget at the November 19 Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) meeting. Developing the budget must be done before the committee meets with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) at the end of December. The MSBA has agreed to fund 40% of approved building costs, but not all proposed construction may be approved. Based on the 29,720 square feet in new building and the 110,390 square feet of partial renovations in the existing buildings, the MSBA will look at the areas and costs to determine what percentage will receive building funds.

Budget exceeds $20 million target

The preliminary budget totals $20.56 million. This includes roughly $16.1 million for construction, $1.1 million in Owners Project Manager and related project expenses, $1.6 million in design and engineering costs, $1.25 million in contingency funding; and $0.5 million for furnishings and equipment. Not included were roughly $270,000 for a corridor enclosure for the Corey Building and $78,000 for updates to the Brick Building.

After reviewing budget details the committee discussed adding items such as a grade 1 – 2 playground. Fennell pointed out more features were being added to the project than removed and he encouraged the committee to focus on getting the budget under the $20 million figure. He noted the looming deadline to complete the budget before presenting it to the MSBA. Discussion will continue at the December 3 meeting. ∆

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