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Friday, November 27, 2009

Board of Selectmen meeting shorts for November 10

Honor Roll Project Funding. The May 2008 Annual Town Meeting appropriated $98,000 to be transferred from the Community Preservation Undesignated Fund to be expended for the refurbishment of the memorial on the Town Common. There are a few outstanding invoices, which must be paid before the project can be closed out. At the November 10 Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting, the board saw a spreadsheet provided by the Town Accountant, which detailed a total of $7,240.10 in outstanding invoices but only $3,761.64 remaining in the budgeted account.

Selectman Doug Stevenson explained some of the reasons for the “overrun.” The design budget was $15,000 but the design firm had an additional $827 in expenses. The Honor Roll Committee made a conscious decision to spend approximately $7,000 more on site work. Originally the DPW was to do much of the work but this conflicted with other priorities in the spring, including roadways and pathways. Further, the electrical work was more complex than anticipated.

Two votes were taken and passed: to authorize payment of $5,240 outstanding to subcontractors, and to establish an Honor Roll Gift Fund to receive donations for the remaining shortfall of approximately $2,000. Any additional money raised will be used for ongoing maintenance of the Honor Roll.

• Police overtime pay. The Selectmen clarified a decision made at a prior meeting and voted unanimously “to authorize the Police Chief to pay overtime rates to Special Police officers when they are called, or ordered in, outside of their regular patrol shifts.”

Appointments. In split votes, the Selectmen appointed Kent Gonzales as a full member and Marty Galligan as an associate member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Selectmen Peter Scavongelli, John Williams and Tim Hult voted for Gonzales, while Bill Tice and Doug Stevenson voted against the appointment. Scavongelli, Tice and Hult voted in favor of Galligan, while Williams and Stevenson voted against. The November 13 Mosquito article, “BOS split vote, choose Gonzales, Galligan for ZBA” described the discussion leading to the vote.

Unfunded state mandates. In light of the Governor’s proposed 9C cuts, Representative Cory Atkins requested that local officials compile a list of the unfunded state mandates that municipalities are required to comply with and also a list of the reports they are required to submit to various state agencies. The Selectmen asked Administrator Tim Goddard to start such a list for review at a subsequent Selectmen’s meeting. The term “9C” refers to a section of the Massachusetts General Laws – Chapter 29 – that governs state finances. Section 9C deals specifically with revenue deficiencies, and what steps the executive branch should take to ensure a balanced budget when projected revenues fall short of projected spending levels. ∆

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