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Friday, November 20, 2009

Carlisle holds first H1N1 flu clinic to protect children at high-risk

H1N1 BE GONE. Nurses Donna Margolies (left) and Elaine Gardner, along with Kathy Hassey and Chris DeBruzzi (not shown) from Carlisle’s volunteer Medical Reserve Corps administered vaccines during the town’s first H1N1 flu clinic held on Monday, November 16. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Carlisle’s first H1N1 flu vaccination clinic was held Monday evening at Town Hall for children five to 18 with a health issue that puts them at risk for complications from the flu, and for the parents and caretakers of newborns. The Board of Health (BOH) discussed the clinic turn-out at their meeting the following evening. Reservations were made by appointment, and in all, 75 out of 100 doses of vaccine were given. It went very well and the board is now planning an open clinic for children aged 5 - 18 when it receives more vaccine from the state. Massachusetts as a whole is due to receive 75,000 H1N1 vaccines this week and next week, but there is currently no word on how it will be allocated to individual towns. As soon as the number of doses is known, the board plans to hold an emergency meeting to make sure the clinic is held in a timely manner.

According to BOH Agent Linda Fantasia, another small clinic was planned for Wednesday for emergency medical personnel including EMTs and police, who are often first-responders at 911 medical calls. The Massachusetts Emergency Medical Service has provided 20 doses of H1N1 vaccine for this purpose, which will be supplemented by the BOH. Carlisle’s volunteer Medical Reserve Corps nurse Donna Margolies will administer the H1N1 vaccine. At the same clinic, Emerson Home Care staff will offer seasonal flu vaccines.

Ferns – construction update

In other business, Larry Bearfield and Robin Emerson appeared before the board to give an update on the work being done at Ferns and make sure their continuing construction plans met with board approval. Saturday, November 21, will be the first day Ferns sells alcohol and the addition will be open to customers.

Construction and renovation of the original building will continue, hopefully finishing in January. Most work will be done after closing so that it does not interfere will normal operations, and plastic sheet “zip walls” will separate construction areas from all active food service. The one change to the plan that was discussed with the board several months ago is that all public levels of the building will now have handicapped access.

491 Maple Street

The owner, Mr. Hamilton, appeared before the board along with his contractor. They presented a plan to move the leach field to repair the system, and requested a groundwater depth waiver due to soil compositions and a high water table on the property.

Despite being listed as a three-bedroom house, four bedrooms were in use when Hamilton bought the house. Hamilton also uses four bedrooms, so a newly repaired septic system will need to be rated for four bedrooms. Although there would be no actual building, the larger bedroom count would make the project “new construction,” requiring many more permits from the town. The board asked the plumbing inspector to look at the house and report back with his recommendations, and the discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

173 Rockland Road

Homeowner Sharyl Stropkay and the contractor appeared before the board to present their revised septic repair plan. All barriers were removed per the board’s recommendations at the last meeting, and they requested a waiver so that they could put their new leach field 17 feet within the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland. The board approved the waiver, and the homeowners must now proceed to the Conservation Commission to get approval from them as well.

Septic Repair Loan Program.

Two written requests were submitted to the board and presented by BOH Agent Linda Fantasia. A homeowner on Timothy Lane requested extra funds as his original estimate for the repair of his system was too low. Another homeowner on Bingham Road requested a loan for the construction phase to repair a failed system, with a plan that was already approved by the board. Both requests were approved. ∆

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