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Friday, November 20, 2009


Carlisle boys soccer “Frys” their competition


Middle school boys soccer team: Jake Mulligan, Kevin McNamara, Andrew Gorecki, Tyler Reichheld, David Warner, Jay Tappen, Graeme Piette, Kaleb Perlman, Henry Hedden, Jack Thomas, Johnny Fry and Matt Gorecki. (Photo byJay Reichheld)

Newcomer Johnny Fry led the Carlisle boys soccer team this year with four goals as the boys finished their 2009 season. Other multiple goal scorers included Captain Andrew Gorecki, speedster David Warner and sharp-shooter Tyler Reichheld. Captains Jay Tappen and Richard Chelton led a solid defense along with Jack Thomas, Matt Gorecki and Kaleb Perlman.

The boys continued to improve with each game and their effort was never in question. Carlisle got solid effort in each game from backstop Graeme Piette. Graeme’s effort was a full 60 minutes as he kept us in each game with spectacular saves. Another bright spot for Carlisle this year was the addition of newcomers Jake Mulligan and “Big Game Hunter” Kevin McNamara. Henry Hedden’s return to the field for another year was key to Carlisle’s success. This year’s team was small in number but what they lacked in size they made up for in talent. ∆

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