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Friday, November 20, 2009


Carlisle’s field hockey team displays determination and versatility


Middle school field Hockey Team: (front row, from left) Coach Margaret Heigl, Angelica King-Shaw, Katelyn Reichheld, Maddie Pinard, Anna Jewell, Ellie Blue, Rosie Charnley, (middle row) Zoe Blacquier, Audrey Stein, Nicola Durham, Reilly Harring, Alanna Gushue, Katie Lotane, Emma Schofield, (back row) Margot Cohen, Cynthia Chen, Caroline Means, Anna Ringheiser, Rachel Acquaviva, Laura Kolstead, Meredith Clarke, Catherine Gladstone, Emily Barrow and Rachel Bratton. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

Carlisle’s middle school field hockey team experienced a season of enormous growth on the field this season. Since the team lost 11 players to the high school, the rookie sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade players were inspired to learn the game. Our team of 23 players came with quite a bit of athletic talent that provided us with a sturdy foundation. The three returning eighth-graders and one seventh-grader, Audrey Stein, Zoe Blacquier, Caroline Means and Laura Kolstad, demonstrated tremendous leadership and made daily contributions to the team.

The defensive teamwork of eighth-grade fullbacks Zoe Blacquier and Cynthia Chen consistently held back the opposition. Margot Cohen and Caroline Means’ versatility allowed them to play both defense and offense in most games. Their vision for the field positioned us well for passing and advancing the ball. Anna Ringheiser came to each game with a willingness to learn and play various positions, and did so well. Audrey Stein’s positive team spirit and terrific sense of humor played out on the field with aggressive stick work as sweeper, combined with an ability to advise her teammates.

Seventh-grade players primarily made up our forward lines with a few exceptions. Rachel Acquaviva and Meredith Clarke proved capable of advancing the ball, setting up plays and taking shots on goal. Rachel Bratton and Ellie Blue held strong as halfbacks, preventing any opposing advantage. Alanna Gushue and Reilly Harring’s speed and stick-work, along with aggressive tackling skills, gave our forward line an edge, and as sweeper, Alanna reversed the direction of the ball on many occasions. Laura Kolstad not only played an aggressive offense but kept us in many games, as goalie.

Our sixth-grade players came to our team filled with optimism and eagerness to learn the game and work hard. Defensive players Emily Barrow and Catherine Gladstone played fullback, displaying strength and confidence early in the season. Catherine also stepped up to contribute great raw skill in the cage. Our good fortune didn’t stop there with goalies. Anna Jewel’s advanced goalie skills allowed us to stay positive all season long. –Anna’s unshakable demeanor and quick reflexes kept her calm and reactionary in stressful game situations. Versatile players, Emma Schofield and Katie Lotane played both offense and defense positions. Their ability to pick up the game quickly and work hard on the field contributed to the team’s overall success. Mostly as forwards, Rosie Charnley, Nicola Durham, Angelica King-Shaw, Katelyn Reichheld and Maddie Pinard were outstanding first-year players. Although we were a young team, these girls played smart hockey by beating the opponent to the ball, tackling, driving hard toward the goal and keeping the ball in scoring position.

Although, we had difficulty putting the ball in the net, we persevered and dominated the play in several games. Against Tyngsboro, Alanna assisted Reilly in scoring and in our first game against Lincoln, Maddie assisted Nicola in scoring, resulting in a tie game. We look forward to a strong team next year with 20 returning players. Thanks to the generosity of the Carlisle School Association, we were proud to wear new uniforms and play with some new equipment, including a new set of goals. Thank you to the players, parents/guardians and CSA for an outstanding season. ∆

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