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Friday, November 13, 2009


Carlisle orienteering competitor fares well at World Masters Games

Study the terrain. Choose a course and stick with it. Shake off poor results and move on to the next challenge. As an executive and leader in the biotech industry, Bill Pullman often communicates tenets such as these to his employees and colleagues. But for Pullman, they are not just hollow corporate maxims, they are ...more

Minuteman High School – another path to college and career

Think a technical high school education leads only to the machine shop or auto bay? Senior Irene Karafotias believes her education at Minuteman Career and Technical High School (MMCTHS), Carlisle’s alternative to Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS), has prepared her for college and the world beyond. On Tuesday, Krafotias joined me and Mariellen Perugini, ...more

Leaf project a rite of passage for freshmen – and their families

About 80% of students in this year’s freshman class at Concord-Carlisle High School just completed one of their first milestone projects: the “Leaf Project.” As many parents of present and past students know, it’s a rite of passage at the high school. The project, starting in September and ending in late October, requires the students to find 50 pre-determined ...more

Herpetologist helps fifth-graders raise endangered Blanding’s Turtles

This year, the fifth-grade class at the Carlisle Public School is raising Blanding’s Turtles. We are doing this because it gives the endangered turtles about a five-year jumpstart on life, and gives them a higher chance to survive. I am in Alan Ticotsky’s class. My class and Ms. Putnam’s class share two turtles, and the other dyad (two classes taught ...more

Biodiversity Corner Pandorus Sphinx

Nancy Teasdale of Heald Road found this caterpillar in mid-September at her back door. It interested her for a number of reasons. First, it was large and, as she described it, “quite startling and reminiscent of the banana slugs in Washington state.” Second, she thought it was late in the season for a caterpillar to be out and about. Third, she thought ...more

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