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Friday, November 13, 2009

Shorts from the ConsCom, Nov. 5

Foss Farm Wells. Jack O’Connor of Church Street recommended to the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) at their meeting on November 5 that a professional well driller install the two new wells planned for the community gardens at Foss Farm. O’Connor had previously offered to do the work but said he now had new information. He had learned that most of the current wells require maintenance every three to five years because iron and sand in the water-bearing area form incrustations on the pipes. The existing wells are 10-12 feet deep.

O’Connor reported that he had met with a well contractor who would test every two feet down to about 30 feet to determine the best depth from which to draw water. After gatheing baseline information about the hydrology and sediment, the contractor would dig a well that should last for 20 years. A professional would also be licensed and insured and would file the required local and state reports. Commissioner Tricia Smith noted that new state well regulations are about to go into effect. The ConsCom, which has money budgeted for this purpose, will seek quotes.

Enforcement Order at 779 West Street. Citing alleged violations of more than a dozen provisions of his Order of Conditions (OOC), (permit) the ConsCom issued an Enforcement Order (EO) to landowner Gregory Bruell for work that includes building a Japanese garden.

The project had been the subject of an earlier EO (March 2008) when un-permitted work was occurring in a bordering vegetated wetland. The OOC requires restoration of damaged areas. Current violations include failure to submit a garden development and maintenance plan, activity on the site without notice to the ConsCom, lack of appropriate marking of the wetland boundary, and failure to post a sign with the project file number.

400 Rutland Street. Finding the site appropriately re-vegetated and the septic system replacement otherwise completed according to plan, the ConsCom issued a Certificate of Compliance to applicant Richard Howe Sr.

491 Maple Street. The public hearing on William Hamilton’s application for a permit to replace a failed septic system was continued to November 19 at 8:15 pm., at the applicant’s request. ∆

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