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Friday, November 13, 2009

Officials improve traffic flow, safety

Carlisle’s Traffic and Safety Committee is comprised of Police Chief John Sullivan, Fire Chief David Flannery, Superintendent of Public Works Gary Davis, Town Administrator Tim Goddard and Selectman liaison Peter Scavongelli. The committee meets occasionally to discuss ways to address issues relating to pedestrian and vehicle traffic as well as safety and law enforcement in town.

Improving Transfer Station traffic flow

On November 3, the committee considered Scavongelli’s request to make it clear that the entrance to the Transfer Station at Elizabeth Ridge Road is also an exit. “People coming in cut the corner too sharply,” said Scavongelli, “and there have been some near misses. I don’t want to wait for a collision to do something.” There is already a yield sign at the exit, but the committee discussed options for defining the area more clearly, including cones and road paint.

Dump sticker enforcement

Scavongelli also brought up the ongoing problem with sticker enforcement at the Transfer Station. Davis noted that many people choose not to display their stickers on their cars, and said that as long as they are displayed and visible on the dashboard, Department of Public Works (DPW) employees allow admittance. In response to the difficulty in keeping away people from out-of-town who use the Transfer Station, Sullivan suggested posting a DPW employee at the gate for several hours on a random basis.

The committee informed Goddard that stickers are available at the dispatch window of the police station because it is open at all hours, seven days a week. Several members suggested making stickers available during business hours at Town Hall to give people another option for purchase and take some of the sticker traffic away from the dispatcher. Goddard offered to ask the Selectmen to put this idea on their agenda for discussion.

Crosswalks inspected

The committee agreed to meet at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning, November 4, to examine the crosswalks on East Street and at Bedford Road and Church Street. With respect to the one at Bedford Road and Church Street, Flannery noted, “The crosswalk is actually down at the Banta-Davis Field entrance, but people are coming through Green Cemetery and crossing at that corner. It’s a very bad spot, with sun in the morning [causing vision difficulty for drivers]. People coming to and from Kimball’s cross at that corner too, instead of where the crosswalk actually is.” The committee’s examination of the crosswalks and a subsequent discussion with Pathways Committee Chair Deb Belanger will determine a course of action, which may be to move the crosswalk.

Sullivan reminded the committee that he will be submitting a report on statistics of “bicycle incidents,” based on the seasonal bicycle traffic for this year. Goddard asked, “Is that all for this meeting?” and Sullivan responded, “Yes. It’s a pretty safe town.” ∆

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