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Friday, November 6, 2009

Board of Health shorts, Oct. 27

137 Bingham Road - upgrade of failed septic system. Builder Jeff Hannaford, appeared before the Board of Health (BOH) on October 27on behalf of the home owner Bernard Lacomis. To repair the septic system it was proposed that the current pump be converted into a second tank and a new pump installed. The property is surrounded by wetlands but this design would still meet the offset requirements and was approved by the Conservation Commission earlier. Due to the design of the old pump housing they were requesting a tank burying depth waiver to do the proposed conversion. It was granted by the board, along with a building cutoff date extension of 30 days.

Benfield Farms Project – water systems planning. Mark Bodrie from Meridian appeared before the board to show their current plans and get feedback as to how they should best proceed. The proposed senior affordable apartment complex would be built on Lot 1 of the town’s Benfield Land on South Street, with 26 units in one multilevel building. The potable and waste water tanks would be on site near the building, but the leech field would be on Lot 4. All waste water would be treated and nitrogen-reducing technology will be used. The water disposal area would be far away from both the well and surrounding wetlands. The board found the planned system as described acceptable, but recommended that they be kept in the loop as design and building progressed in case of change.

173 Rockland Road – addition building and septic system repair planning. The home owners Scott and Sharyl Stropkay appeared before the board to present their plans and get an idea of any waivers they might need.

They planned to add on to their house to gain storage and living space, and as they also needed to repair their septic system they wanted to make sure they could do it in a way that would accommodate their renovation. They already hold a building variance due to their house originally being built 18 feet from the property line, and currently get all of their potable water from a hand dug well.

They are surrounded on all sides by wetlands, and the shape of their property combined with the geological make up of their land makes it very awkward to place a new leach field. The design that they showed the board would require a waiver so they could place the leach field 17 feet within the 100 foot wetland buffer zone, and would also call for a new location of the well. The BOH recommended they apply for a septic system loan, a one-foot leach field waiver due to soil composition and permission to remove the plastic barrier currently in place. The board also recommended that the homeowners keep their septic system sized for three bedrooms instead of upgrading it to four, as they would have more waiver options for a smaller system. The owners will return to formally present to the board at the next convenient meeting.

Senior flu vaccination clinic. The board ran a clinic providing free seasonal flu vaccines to seniors this past month. It was well received by the community, and made for a good dry run of how the H1N1 vaccination clinic may proceed as well. ∆

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